Is the read option the future of the NFL?

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What's the NFL future of the read option?

In 7 years most teams will be running it.
In 7 years a handful of teams will be running it, just like now.
In 7 years nobody will be running it.
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  • Option 1, at least by my definition. In 7 years I expect most teams to have mobile QBs, and most of those offenses will incorporate read option wrinkles in their game plan. I don't think we'll see a ton of pure read option offenses, but we will see a ton of teams ripping off Seattle's style of offense. The read option is not the wildcat, it is a way of stretching defenses even thinner while keeping a franchise QB on the field. It turns a double threat offense into a triple threat. It's not going anywhere, and it will likely force zone defense to become fairly prevalent in the league (and zone defenses tend to give up a ton of yards).

    We are entering a golden age for offense. Colin Kaepernick broke records on Green Bay tonight, and it's not because Kaepernick is an all universe QB. It's because this new triple threat style of offense can make even good defenses look like garbage if they are not perfectly prepared for it.
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  • I don't think everyone will be running it in 7 years, you need a QB with sub 4.6 speed for it to work really, and they don't just grow on trees, I'd say that every team that has a QB that can run it will run it, but QBs like Ryan, Flacco, Roethlisberger, Eli Manning and Rodgers will still be around and still winning games (well, except Roethlisberger hahahahaha chump), so it won't totally take over the league
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