who do you want your Seahawks to beat in the Superbowl?

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  • I'd like to see the Hawks beat em all but, Green Bay for starters but that may happen in the NFC title game so I elect...

    "New England Patriots"

    why not be the team that sends the team of the last decade on their way out?
    GO HAWKS!!!
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  • Broncos.

    Suck it Manning

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  • My wife is a huge Broncos fan. Oh the fun we'd have with that matchup.
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  • Elway, the airplane incident with Peyton, the old AFC West rivalry

    I've wanted the first Seahawks SB victory to be against Denver ever since they moved to the NFC West, this year would be perfect
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  • denver......
    World Champs - Sounds good don't it
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  • Baltimore, it would be the easiest game.
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  • Donks
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  • Bmore
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  • FlyingGreg wrote:Baltimore, it would be the easiest game.

    Yep. Beat the Niners at San Francisco, then winning the SuperBowl is a formality.

    Just like Miracle on Ice, USA vs USSR

    But beating Manning or Brady would be fun as hell
    "it'd be a newborn deer" - pehawk
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  • We owe Denver a grip of beatings so lets do this.
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  • Broncos. I'd love to see Manning lose. Plus I know too many Broncos fans.
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  • Broncos!
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  • The AFC Champion
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  • Broncos. I don't know any Patriots fans, but a good friend of mine is from Denver, and I'd love to smack it back & forth with him for two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.
    "VICTORYYYYYYY!" -Johnny Drama
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  • Don't we have 2 more wins first?
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  • hawksfan515 wrote:Broncos.

    Suck it Manning


    This is where I am. We've already beaten Brady. Beating the superstar QB who sniffed at our free-agent feelers in the offseason would be the perfect poetic finish to this underdog season.
    GO HAWKS!!!

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  • Assuming we get that far, Donkos, and it ain't even close. Be great to take down an old AFC West rival. Besides, Wilson has as many TD passes as Manning. Let him have as many Super Bowl rings, and at his expense. Think Manning wouldn't wonder if he made the right decision not even talking to us? Heh.
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  • In the words of DangeRuss . . a trip to the Superbowl would be tremendous . . . a defeat of either Manning or Brady . . . Priceless
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  • Just as long as we can run over the 9ers along the way. LOL

    Better to have a bottle in front of me,then a frontly lobotmy.
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  • Doesn't matter as long as we win. Couldn't care less.
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  • I dont care.
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  • Ravens. That way, the yinzers in town would actually be cheering for the 'Hawks. For once, the shoe would be on the other foot...
    "Anybody can be a Seahawks fan in Seattle. Try being one in Pittsburgh!" PROUDLY REPRESENTING SINCE 1976.
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  • Who evers left.

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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  • Like everyone else who cares as long as we win. That said I'd love to see some more, "You really mad now bro?" after we beat the Patriots again.
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  • Winning it no matter what, if I was choosing which team I would want to defeat the most without question it would be Denver. Seeing Elway in the press box watching Denver get so close then lose would be sweetness x 10, also the media slob-knob-fest over Manning returning to New Orleans only to be denied would be awesome as well. Wilson would be 2-0 against Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.
    Love our brothers
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  • Broncos
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  • Broncos.

    First rookie QB in the big game up against the guy who's TD record he matched. Better if Peyton were to announce his retirement before the game. NFL loves drama crap like that. (See Bettis, Jerome)

    Unfortunately, the Story at the moment is Lewis retiring.
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  • how many times is this going to be asked
    Donkey's no question
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