Lynch misses second straight practice

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  • There's only one reason Lynch would miss this game, he's no longer breathing. Other than that, he's going to play, and he's going to play hard.
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  • Not even the least bit worried about Lynch. Warrior. He plays Sunday.

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  • I am as worried about Marshawn as I am every week. It's his back and it's a nerve thing. It can flake out on him at a moments notice like it did last year vs. Cleveland. I'm pretty sure Marshawn plays, I'm just SO thankful we have Bobby Turbo to fall back on this year and don't have to count on little Justin Forsett to substitute The Beast. I love JForce, but there's nothing beastly about his game. Turbin can at least play the same style as Marshawn.
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  • lynch has missed practices every week, they're resting his back and the foot... no way he's not dressed and on the field sunday, NO WAY...
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  • ... roz%20Show

    Clare Farnesworth calls it a sore foot. "Would take amputation to keep him out".

    All year, Clare's explanations have been pretty consistent with what is actually ailing our players.

    Not worried. We have this discussion every single week.
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  • Just giving him some down time to keep him fresh. Does he even need to practice at this point?
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  • Dirty Bird wrote:
    Largent80 wrote:Abraham didn't practice yesterday either, you know, their best pass rusher?

    It doesn't mean anything. These guys will play on Sunday.

    Abraham did practice yesterday and Wednesday. He was limited both days.

    He will be limited on Sunday too
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  • Lets hope this isn't a new, more serious injury. Got to have Marshawn to win this game.
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  • He just wants more Skittles! END OF CONVERSATION

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Re: Lynch misses second straight practice
Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:05 am
  • Lynch could not practice all week and still be active for the game. He doesn't need practice.
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Re: Lynch misses second straight practice
Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:03 am
  • He'll be fine. Better to rest him at this point. Pretty sure he has the playbook down..

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