Hawks 3/1 odds in Vegas to win the SuperBowl

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  • I have a ticket at 40-1
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  • I'll bet the 60-1 odds were after the 1st Cardinal game.
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  • Sports Hernia wrote:@ the Orleans, FWIW.

    NE 3/2
    GB 5/2
    SF 5/2

    The other teams longer odds.

    you should find better odds, these are like the MGM, all Station Casinos and I think the Mirage?

    8-1 to win bowl, 3-1 to win NFC

    seahawks future superbowl odd of winning was 60-1 before the season started and stayed that way into like week 6 or 7, incredible especially the way that team performed pre season
    GO HAWKS!!!
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  • I put 260$ to win 3800. 13-1

    Had friend in Vegas. Asked me back in novemeber and said hawks and broncos

    Like 25-1 then
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  • Had bet in for 4 team parlay at 100$. Would have won about 2 gs. Took Cincy. Bummer
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    my current ticket :)
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  • bestfightstory wrote:And on the same day I got a 33:1 NFC Champion ticket at another book.

    I got 14/1 to win the NFC and that was in June, could have gotten 17/1 but we were on the way to the airport when I realized I hadn't put any money down on Seattle.

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  • bestfightstory wrote:I have a 75:1 ticket purchased at a book on March 3rd 2012. This is NOT a Largent80 story. Several people here have seen the ticket.

    Yeah, I'm sorry but that largent80 story is crap. I got one for 50:1 and I thought that was great odds to take the bet. 16:1 for 7.5 wins LMFAO... Just not true.
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