Rob Ryan fired by Cowboys in large part due to loss to Seaha

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  • We are a little thin on the D-Line this week maybe Rob Ryan could come in and play a few snaps.

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    already posted, but not with a link. So kudos to you
    hawksincebirth wrote:
    So Russell has leverage but marshawn doesn't ? I thought its next man up. Hey we got t jack and bj Daniels right ??
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  • We manhandled them in that game. That can stick in the craw.
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  • I'm sure Jerry hates us by now, especially after the bad Romo snap and us knocking them out of the playoffs that year (06?). Good. I like it when other teams and their fans hate us. And I like that the Cowboys are still perpetually mediocre.
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  • Scottemojo wrote:We manhandled them in that game. That can stick in the craw.

    Yep. Their defense couldn't stop us from running or passing in the second half, and even when we went to just straight up running. It was freaking beautiful.
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  • Ryan is sure full of himself. "I'll be out of work for like 5 minutes".
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