Deion Sanders: Prove it this week Richard Sherman

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  • What... holding Megatron to 3 catches and 46 yds is not good enough? He will "prove it" for the 18th time this year

    Where can I find
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  • Goodness. I think he's given enough proof.
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  • Barthawk wrote:What... holding Megatron to 3 catches and 46 yds is not good enough? He will "prove it" for the 18th time this year

    Titus Young beat up Sherman that game, FYI.
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  • Deion's just scared because Shermin WILL tackle.
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  • People nationally are just catching on... They dont know how sherm did againt calvin johnson or whoever.. So I think prime is right. The spotlight will be on him this time around. This is his opportunity to show the world how good he is against tough competition. Cant wait!
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  • Deion is just grumpy because The Sherm did something he never accomplished - 8 interceptions in a season.
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  • And he tackled somebody, something Deion never did, except for bumping a guy out of bounds on accident a few times while going for an INT.
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  • Good.

    Deion is right for once.

    Lets see what Sherman can do vs Atlanta before we crown his ass!

    Don't know what everybody is so afraid of.
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  • hawksfan515 wrote:
    Barthawk wrote:What... holding Megatron to 3 catches and 46 yds is not good enough? He will "prove it" for the 18th time this year

    Titus Young beat up Sherman that game, FYI.

    That was actually one of the worst games I've seen him play. Young ate his lunch.
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  • Young wasn't Sherman's responsibility
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  • Deion knows what he is doing and how good Sherman is. He was just covering his ass. The NFL has the mandate to cater to the large market teams for TV dollars. Dont think so? Why the F are the Jets still front page news? Sherm will get the love and Deions challenge will be one of the motivators, you watch. Sherm will have a one on one with Deion after the hawks lose in the playoffs or win the SB....
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  • I would love to see Sherm get some time on both White and Jones. Just to prove how capable of shutting down an offense he really is. Problem is, if QBs are smart they don't throw at him. So, he may not get very many chances to do anything. Which in itself, should be proof enough that he's an exceptional talent.

    Go Hawks.
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  • Deion's just sticking up for one of his ex-teams.

    He doesn't want to lose the love that he gets from the ATL fan base.

    No biggee. In fact, I like it.

    Sherm will be up to the task.
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  • Well Deion is a ICON especially in Atlanta, he isn't going to give Sherman props against the team that made him a household name.

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