To blitz or not to blitz

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Re: To blitz or not to blitz
Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:55 pm
  • chris98251 wrote:Receivers won't matter if Ryans rhythm is messed up on short drops, I say don't matter in a relative way, 3 step drop and fire doesn't happen if they are wrestleing to get past that 5 yds. Blitzing from unknown zones that the Bandit can bring means that with 7 DB's you don't know which one or two or three are coming. Cutler got ate up with that package when we chose to use it. A combination of all these things will make things more unpredictable. All of our DBs with Trufant the exception are fast and bigger then average, Linebackers with DB speed. We can cover a lot of zone area very fast and shut down targetted areas and windows.

    To mess up Ryan's rhythm you will HAVE to get pressure up the middle with your DTs. I have not seen Seattle accomplish this much in the games I have watched. But I've only seen a few. Including at Candlestick when I was there in person against Alex Smith. Comparing Ryan to Cutler is asinine though. Cutler has a run first throw second offense, and ONE receiver. Chicago won in spite of their offense. They won when their defense was creating turnovers and scoring points. Ryan is rarely shut down because of all of his options.

    chris98251 wrote:We have shown against Brady and Rogers that we can disrupt routes and targets, both those guys are rated very high in 3rd down and being able to find their guys. Yes home crowd helped but receivers getting off the ball and the QB finding them doesn't or should not involve how loud the crowd is.

    1. Both of those games were at home where you were undefeated and both these offenses can not conduct an effective hurry up offense in the loudest environment in the NFL.
    2. The Packers and Patriots both started out slow this season, struggling on offense, as did the Seahawks. So I am sure being a Seahawks fan you can understand that once the ball got rolling, all three teams were different teams. Seattle started out 5-4. The Packers started out 2-2 after losing to the Seahawks, and the Patriots started 3-3.
    3. The Falcons can run hurry up, up tempo'd offense, and really tend to excel in this at home. But they also can slow the pace down with screens and short runs. Watch the opening drive in the second game vs the Saints. They had NO IDEA that the Falcons would establish the run that early by rushing 6 times in the drive to 2 passes.

    It's going to be a fun game of match ups. There is NO DOUBT in my mind Roddy or Julio will get theirs. As well as Douglas and Gonzo exploiting the middle.
    Julio Jones will eat Richard Sherman's lunch
    Stats from Round 1: 7 rec, 139 yards, 1 TD
    Round 2 to follow here:
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