Hard To Hate On Atlanta...

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Re: Hard To Hate On Atlanta...
Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:18 pm
  • Aros wrote:The refs have been letting the players play so far in the playoffs. We'll see if that continues. We will have to watch ourselves. I think they let the guys play last Sunday because both Redskins and Seahawks were chippy all game long. If it's a one-sided affair this Sunday I can see some 15-yard penalties coming our way and against that offense? Ouch.

    Be aggressive, be in their face, Punish them physically within the rules, but play smart.

    Oh wow, this is pretty much the exact post I've been meaning to write for the past couple days. Refs pretty much had to stay out of it last weekend because BOTH teams were going at it. Those antics we have grown to love so much might not fly as well if the other guys resist the temptation to join the party. I say, dial it back early and slowly escalate.

    I'm nowhere near as worried about being jobbed as I was in DC, but drive-extending 15-yarders are a great way to get beat by an offense you are hoping to contain.
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