Fail Mary replay

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Re: Fail Mary replay
Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:20 pm
  • Rocky_Mtn_Falcon wrote:
    Aros wrote:The bottom line is the Packers safety Jennings didn't do his job. It's 4th and 10 with 8 seconds to go, why in the blue blazes was he going for a pick ? He had the position to knock the ball to the ground, or to knock it out of the back of the end zone. Instead he tried to pad his stats with a pick that meant nothing, which allowed Tate to take the ball from him. That's just stupid or poorly coached.

    Excellent point! :th2thumbs:
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Re: Fail Mary replay
Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:23 pm
  • All he had to do was a hook shot and slam the ball into the back wall. I told that to a bunch of packers fans, and they kept arguing with me telling me that's a dumb play because of all that can go wrong as the ball ricochets. I am like, "ricochets off the back wall out of bounds? How does that cause trouble?" Somebody tells me that it can bounce to another player. I say again, "Off the back wall behind the endzone out of bounds?" They say, "You just don't understand how Hail Mary's work. You're supposed to do EXACTLY what he did and secure that ball so nobody else can." I said, "Why didn't he just tip it a foot over his head out of bounds and probably off of that wall?" Reply, "Because then somebody else could have caught it for a winning TD!!!!".

    I really felt like just killing myself.
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Re: Fail Mary replay
Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:02 pm
  • The whole thing was beat to death by ESPN (and NFL, etc.) by continuously showing the ONE same (bad) angle of the play over and over again on TV. Think about it, ANY other replay you've ever seen had MULTIPLE angles of the play that they run over and over, showing all of the angles (many of which CAN be more accurate from different angles). But, not the WailMary catch. Think maybe ESPN had an agenda? The rest of the world now seems to "blame" the Seahawks for cheating or something, even though the replacement refs and the regular refs in the replay booth upheld the on field call and as far as the NFL is concerned, it was a simultaneous catch. Screw the green bay spoilsports and all the National media meatheads too. It is really BS that we still hear about this crap months after the fact.
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