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  • BASF wrote:I don't think I will ever understand this line of thinking. Any game that you have a lead in the fourth quarter that you end up losing, it is on the defense for not holding the lead. We scored 21 and 24 respectively, which should have been good enough to win.

    Your defense will not always be able to keep every offense from scoring on every drive, and I don't see that as a legitimate measurement of the quality of a defense. That's why most Super Bowl winners are balanced teams. You HAVE to have good offense AND defense (or a lot of luck) to consistently win and beat all opponents.

    It was a great game by Tannehill and the Miami offense, who were playing really fast trying to keep our defense tired, and it was probably Tannehill's best game of the season. The dude was just "on" that day. Our offense only scored on 3 out of 10 drives. When you play high-scoring pass-heavy offenses, you MUST be able to score more consistently than that, because 21-24 points is generally not enough to win.
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