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  • For the third straight year, the Falcons could be facing an opponent that’s peaking at the right time. Last year, Atlanta lost to the New York Giants in the wild-card round. The year before that, the Falcons lost to the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round. Both the Giants and the Packers went on to win the Super Bowl. Even before Sunday’s 24-14 victory against the Washington Redskins in the wild-card round, the Seahawks had won their last five regular-season games and seven of their last eight.
    ImTheScientist wrote:This guy is the closest thing to beast mode we will ever see. You got a glimpse of that yesterday. He was instantly my favorite player when they signed him. Give the dude a chance and don't overreact or overthink preseason. Go Hawks. Lacy will rush for 1,100 and 10TDs. Bend the knee.
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  • Sorry Falcons! Nothin' personal!

    "Shaquem Griffin tells ESPN after he got drafted by Seattle; 'I can't breathe.' That's the only time you'll hear him say he can't do something." - Dan Wetzel via Twitter.
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  • Another thing that doesnt seem to get mentioned is the IMMENSE amount of pressure on the Falcons to win this game. Another one and done for them and heads may roll.
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  • Another tumbler just fell into place. The really cool thing is, they know it.
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  • Get 'em!
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  • Aros wrote:Sorry Falcons! Nothin' personal!

    Yeah, you're just in our way is all.

    No hard feelings....
    "John Schneider is...half ninja assassin, half shark. This
    man does not screw around...So glad he is our GM."
    - PGunning101
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  • This would have tea the same with the redskins as they won several straight games until today. The only way this wouldn't happen would be if the falcons played the loser of today's game.....
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  • This almost makes me uneasy...the Falcons are a GOOD team regardless...theres's only so many times a team loses their first game in the playoffs before going all out. And with how talented they are, If the seahawks arent on their toes from the gate....i dont want to think about it. GO HAWKS
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  • You know before our game so many people were saying about our past road experience that looking back isn't a good gauge for who we are now (with past playoff and current early season road losses). I think we shouldn't be so hypocritical and say the same about them. They had a great year and got it done. Yeah they had an easy schedule but they still got it done. What more can you do? They didn't pick there opponents. I guarantee you we would pick there schedule over ours before the beginning of the season. I am a bit sensitive to this easy schedule stuff since I am a Boise State Fan.

    I think we have the capability to crush anyone. We have proven it. With the exception of the two opening drives we dominated the Skins. But if anyone thinks a 13-3 team is going to lay down for us at home has another thing coming. THe games will only get harder from here on out. Believe it.
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