Trufant playing nickel

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Re: Trufant playing nickel
Sat Jan 05, 2013 6:29 pm
  • Not toooo worried.

    Anytime you have a guy as quick as Moss, Amendola or Welker with a two way option it is tough duty, no doubt. But Tru is a really solid slot cb.

    From PFF:

    Seattle will count on Marcus Trufant to handle most of the slot duties, and he is no slouch. Trufant has been in coverage from the slot on 179 plays and allowed only 21 receptions and one touchdown.
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Re: Trufant playing nickel
Sat Jan 05, 2013 7:09 pm
  • nanomoz wrote:No. 1992. #1 nfl defense by every metric despite having one of the worst offenses of all time.

    Good point, isn't that when Cortez won MVP?
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Re: Trufant playing nickel
Sat Jan 05, 2013 9:00 pm
  • RiggoReincarnated wrote:Hey guys, don't want to start a new thread just on this topic - but those of you that have been Seahawk fans awhile...would you say this is the best all-around defense you've had in the history of the franchise?

    That's actually debatable IMO. Is this current group better than 2005's group (the year the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl)? Most definitely I'd say. Now does that sound crazy saying that, seeing as how that was a defense that led the NFL in Sacks that year (50)? The problem is that defense was in many ways a 1 Trick Pony ... and that was its trick. They did generate a lot of sacks and could get in to the backfield regularly -- part of the problem though was that they did so primarily via blitzing A TON that year. Overall, the 2005 Defense was solid, but they had weaknesses especially in the secondary that got exposed in the Super Bowl. They were a solid defense ... but not an elite defense by any means. That group made it to the Super Bowl in part because they had such a fluffy schedule (fairly easy -- not a ton of solid opponents).

    Now this 2012 Version -- not the case whatsoever. They've been pretty battle tested, as they've gone up against some of the best teams out there and prevailed. This particular defense has a nasty streak -- a real tenacity and relentless attitude that 2005 group didn't have IMO. In the words of former coach Jim Mora, these guys are "dirt-bags". That's the level of intensity that they play with game in and game out. There's a reason this team finished #1 in Fewest Points allowed.

    But is this group the best Seahawks defense ever? That 1984 Defense IMO could have given these guys a run for their money perhaps, as that is the one group that in my mind could perhaps equal this 2012 group. They finished 5th Best in Points Allowed ... 3rd in Point Differential ... and were the #1 Team in the NFL that year in the Give Away/Take Away Turnover Margin. There were a lot of real horses on that team -- LB Freddy Young, NT Joe Nash was at his peak, same with DE Jeff Bryant, CB Dave Brown had a solid year ... DE Jacob Green was one of the most feared linemen in all of football ... and (in my mind one of the best safeties to have ever played the game) -- SS Kenny Easley.

    If you never saw Easley play, he was a real man among boys. He was one of the most physically talented secondary players I've ever seen honestly. Though he may never get mentioned in the same breath as guys like Ronnie Lott or Jack Tatum, he should honestly -- he was that good. He was very fast, an incredibly hard hitter, and had a big time nose for the football. If I could snap my fingers and magically have him at his peak ... and I had a choice between Easley and Kam Chancellor at SS for this game tomorrow, there would be no hesitation -- See ya Chancellor. His career was cut short due to kidney issues caused by too much ibuprofen before games. Otherwise, he'd have been a sure Hall of Famer. I found this uploaded video awhile back -- an old NFL films highlight of Kenny Easley. I'd encourage you just as a pure football fan to watch this guy and what he could do. There is no question he could step on a football field today and dominate just the same way he did back then.

    Kenny Easley Highlight Youtube Video

    In the end I'd probably give a slight nod to this 2012 Group ... but it's fairly close in my opinion with that 1984 Crew. With Easley and Brown back there, that secondary (like this one) was also ridiculously good.
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Re: Trufant playing nickel
Sat Jan 05, 2013 9:38 pm
  • Trufant.... ugh.

    It's not his fault, it's Thurmonds fault he can't stay healthy.
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Re: Trufant playing nickel
Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:49 am
  • morgulon1 wrote:
    nanomoz wrote:No. 1992. #1 nfl defense by every metric despite having one of the worst offenses of all time.

    Good point, isn't that when Cortez won MVP?


    So happy to see two of my all time favorite Seahawks being in a little mini-run on the HoF after so many years without. Although Jones won't have to go through the process of being a finalist and not getting in right away.
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