The New Uniforms are a big part of our success

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  • Actually the new uniforms are supposed to fit better, and the new material makes it less susceptible to being held. That is a real, quantifiable advantage.

    And there is a lot to be said about the confidence level when sporting new threads, whether one is on the football field, or on the town. :)
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  • Seattle unis look awesome. There will be a team that goes "pro combat" with their uniforms because the Seahawks were bold enough to lead the way. I compare the Seahawks unis to every team they play and there are a LOT of teams that NEED updating. Just compare the Seahawks uniform to the plain Jane, boring, poor fitting jerseys all the other teams comparison really. The Seahawks LOOK GOOD. They FEEL GOOD. They ARE GOOD.

    Remember when you were a kid and you would stand in front of the mirror and pose? Remember how you felt when you thought you looked really good? These guys have posed in front of the mirror and they like how they look. They know they look good.

    Remember how you feel when you're wearing old, outdated clothes when your peers are wearing brand new clothes?

    Remember how you feel when you're going out and that last look in the mirror doesn't look so good? How is your confidence affected throughout that night just because of how you perceive yourself?
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  • I prefer old school, simple traditional and iconic uniforms rather than some over the top new age college stuff IMO.
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  • Aros wrote:If you look good, you feel good, if you feel good you outscore your opponents 193-60.

    So So True, and the Tinfoil inside the New Helmets are the icing on the cake :34853_tinfoil: :16:
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  • I thought Nike's magic was in the shoes.
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  • I'm not sure how much the uniform contributes to wins but I think there is a lot to a very young team just establishing itself also being able to be the first team to wear such updated uniforms that could definitely help make them feel like a more integrated, cohesive unit that is really part of something rather than just a component added to a team. There might be a little more pride and confidence when they put on the uniform that feels more like their own, a better sense of identity, and if you feel that way, then no doubt you will bring a little more confidence, a little more swagger, and a little more investment in the way you play and the way you want to "feel it" with your teammates.

    If this were a team of veterans with a history of winning, the change makes no sense, and likely has the opposite effect.

    I was skeptical of the uniforms at first. I liked our previous uniforms. but next to these ones, that have grown on me immensely, the old uniforms look like low budget high school jerseys or something.
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  • Aros wrote:If you look good, you feel good, if you feel good you outscore your opponents 193-60.

    Well said Aros!
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