SB predictions about the Hawks good or bad??

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  • OH OH I am now more worried when I see a bunch of East Coast writers picking the Hawks into the NFC Championship game. 5 of the SI writers have the Hawks going to the Champ round or the SB.

    Thankfully not one of them had us winning the SB game so we can still prove them wrong. But some how I dont like this love from them. ... =uk_t11_a7

    Edit: Mike Greeny from Mike and Mike just picked the Hawks to WIN the SB>
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  • Russell Wilson doesn't give a good GD what the media thinks. Russell Wilson will find a way to raise that Lombardi. TANZANIA! (Sorry, it's kinda like turrets at this stage).

    "It's gonna come down to the fourth quarter. It may go to overtime. I'm expecting something great to happen, some amazing play to win the game." - Soothsayer Russell Wilson, 3 days before the NFC Championship
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  • I'm not sure it's at all analogous, but I have noticed over the years that when a lot of pundits pick the same cinderella in the NCAA tournament, that team tends to advance. Any one pundit is more likely to be wrong than right, but if you put enough of them together, the consensus can be predictive. It's sort of like ants building an anthill, or the "ask the audience" lifeline on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. I think the concept is called "emergence." Then again, it could just be a bandwagon effect, in which case it is not at all predictive of anything.
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