The Skins/Hawks Match Up

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Re: The Skins/Hawks Match Up
Fri Jan 04, 2013 3:55 pm
  • There's two ways this game is going to go. 1) The Seahawks will get up 10-0 or 14-0 early in the 1st, forcing the 'skins to give up on their run game entirely, and it'll end up being an embarrassing blowout. or 2) see 1.

    Sorry 'Skins fans. Thanks for visiting, but seriously, analyze this game all you want, it's not going to change the fact that we have Russell Wilson and He will refuse to let us lose.

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Re: The Skins/Hawks Match Up
Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:16 pm
  • Shock2k wrote:It's all good, I'm fortunately on a site where you guys can head over and have the conversation I was looking for.

    With that, it has to be in the back of your mind that this is going to be the toughest defense you've face all year. You must be wondering how REALLY good your offense is.

    When we put up 42 on the 9'ers, it wasn't the real 9'ers, Aldon Smith was shut down without having Justin pullling blocks for him. So I'm really not sure what to think of that game. Especially when the Rams (Still a really good defense) gave us so many problems with thier blitz schemes.

    This game gives me more questions then confidence. I kind of wish it was the NFCC Games instead. Maybe next year. I could see these two teams as #1/#2 with byes. (Of course the Seahawks are the #1 seed).

    Im definitely eager to see how you guys play us on offense as when we've played our best (not dropping 10 balls including TDs against the Steelers or a flatout dud of a game from a playcalling standpoint like Carolina) we really havent been stopped on offense. Even with teams that have seen the scheme twice. I have zero confidence in our D to consistently stop anyone but they have surprised me lately by getting stops and key turnovers at almost the perfect time.

    We havent seen a defense with the talent you guys have in the secondary so it should be a great battle :)
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Re: The Skins/Hawks Match Up
Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:25 pm
  • Some classy ' Skins fans in this thread. That shacked thread however...
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