Wilson named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month

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  • Very nice! I'm glad he got this!

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  • themunn wrote:still can't understand why he didn't win rookie of the month for November too though

    Studies show that the schlongs of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III taste better and require less salt for media palates than Russell Wilson's.
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  • Congratulations Russell!

    Very well deserved!
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  • youngchew wrote:
    Bitter wrote:But a common theme I see for pumping up Luck for ROTY by the mediots is that he finished so much stronger than RG3 (and RW when they even bother to mention him.)

    Yeah, that has been bothering me. Everybody keeps pumping up Luck because he "leads the NFL in 4th quarter comebacks." But the very reason they had to come from behind was due to all the early interceptions Luck threw.

    Somebody referred to Andrew Luck as "an arsonist that puts out his own fires." LOL

    With Luck's league leading 18 interceptions being the reason Indy was always playing form behind, should his comeback wins even be a stat used to support his ROTY case? I don't think it should.

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  • themunn wrote:still can't understand why he didn't win rookie of the month for November too though

    because in November RGIII was healthy . . . ;-)
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  • youngchew wrote:
    JKent82 wrote:Go Russ! How many rookie of the weeks did he win? 1?

    Yes, 1.

    Bob Griffin won 7 ROTWs, Wilson got 1.

    Bob Griffin won 2 ROTMs, Wilson got 1.

    With Wilson having a beast mode December, I think ROTY is going to be REALLY close between Wilson and Griffin.

    Though Luck has had a hech of a season, I just can't see him winning it. I'm sorry, but the guy who leads the NFL in turnovers shouldn't get that honor. I know he was asked to do a lot, and yes i know Indy had no running game, but still.

    Agreed. Like I was saying, if Luck wins ROTY, NFL should abandon their stats talk they rely upon day by day.
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  • IMO It's RG3 over Wilson over Luck.

    Close between RG3 and Wilson, but I give the edge to RG3 because he's been phenomenal from Day 1. I think Russell would have easly won this award if he didn't start training camp #3 on the depth chart; if he was the man to begin with and gets all the snaps pre-season, no contest.

    The only wild card will be how much weight is given to the story of Russell Wilson, his draft status, and rise to even be in the conversation. That could be enough to edge RG3's better start in some people's eyes.

    Votes for Luck would be mostly emotional votes for their coach and their adversity, but he hasn't been the best rookie QB. Wilson could have had 4000 yards too if he threw the ball all over the place. Tired of WIlson being discredited becuase he happens to have a good run game and defense. That shouldn't be a penalty. ROY should go to the players exceeding expectations, being worth their draft value, and hanging with the pros. Wilson is the epitome of that.
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  • SkinsGuru wrote:
    themunn wrote:still can't understand why he didn't win rookie of the month for November too though

    because in November RGIII was healthy . . . ;-)

    and Wilson was better
    certainly I don't remember RGIII setting a rookie record for most consecutive games with a 125+ QB rating in November
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