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  • Schneider is the Right Choice for 'Hawks GM'

    "That leaves one outside name for the general manager’s position: Green Bay Packers Director of Football Operations John Schneider.

    So, in 866 words or less, and taking into account that I wouldn’t have hired the head coach before hiring the general manager, here’s the case for John Schneider as the next general manager of the Seattle Seahawks.

    Schneider, 38, has 17 years experience working in an NFL personnel department, the last eight of which spent assisting the Green Bay Packers general managers in long-term roster planning, both in terms of free agency and the NFL Draft, planning for injury and salary cap considerations, and exploring possible trade opportunities"

    I, like many on here, am a huge Brian McIntyre fan (and a Doub fan) and remember how excited his article got me about someone I had never heard of before. What a call Brian, and I have to wonder if your words of wisdom didn't have something to do with bringing John's name to the attention of those in power, or influencing their decision in some way.

    I encourage anyone on here who isn't familiar with Brian's work to check out the following links and be on the look out for his work now that he has been recognized by and is writing for them. Mr. McIntyre is the NFL's Nostradamus. :th2thumbs:

    John Schneider article:

    Brian's twitter:

    Recent Yahoo article:

    SB*Nation Author page:

    Some of his history at Football Outsiders:
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