Richard Sherman...pre-season goal acheived

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  • love his swagger, much needed for a team to be successful on the road
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  • He is definitely a leader by example of his play. Our secondary has "It". I look forward to seeing more of it against the skins.
    Go Hawks!
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  • Steve2222 wrote:
    Tech Worlds wrote:Here is my unpopular view of Sherman.

    He is a hell of a player but I honestly wish he wouldn't be so bragadochous.

    Just not my style. His play should,does, and will speak for itself. He takes away from his greatness at times with his look at me attitude.

    Dude is great player, and a great team mate but I feel he hurts his perception with his mouth.

    Unpopular view around here, I know.

    I hate cockiness, but I absolutely love Shermans cockiness. He does it imo to put a target on his back on purpose. And he backs it up.

    I remember I read an article that said right before Brady threw the pick to Sherman, Sherman was trash talking him a whole bunch, saying stuff about how he never threw to his side. Then Brady tried it, and voila, pick.......

    But yeah, he said he used his trash talk to get QB's to throw at him. Probably the reason Brady threw that ill-advised pass.
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  • All I can say: "You Mad Bro" come on, love it.
    "A superstar can win any game; however, a team can win every game".
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  • I have no problem with him popping off at the mouth, its great IMO.
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  • After many years of mediocre CB play from players like Kelly Jennings and Josh Brown, I'll take Sherman and Browner every day... and some attitude that comes with them.

    Sherman's cool. Not over the edge like some here think.
    EastCoastHawksFan posted... "Trading for Harvin is by far the worst move John S has ever made." (March 18, 2014)

    your World Champion Seattle Seahawks.. how sweet is that!!
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  • Jazzhawk wrote:Sherman's the best CB on the planet and I can't believe we have people here bitching about him. He's not even 'Trash-talking' he's FACT talking and backing every bit of it up.

    Go Sherman.

    Well said. Concur 100%

    onanygivensunday wrote:After many years of mediocre CB play from players like Kelly Jennings and Josh Brown, I'll take Sherman and Browner every day... and some attitude that comes with them......

    Well said. Concur 100%
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