Charting A Few of Today's Hawks Miscues ...

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  • I've been re-watching today's game and have charted some of the Seahawks miscues in that 1st Half. The main things I've been focusing on have been mainly the sacks, tackles for loss, and some of the big pass plays allowed. For those who are interested, here's what I've come up with so far ...

    On Seattle's Offense ...
    1st Quarter ...

    Seattle's 1st Sack allowed ... Giacomini beaten by Chris Long.

    Seattle's 2nd Sack allowed ... Sweezy beaten by William Hayes

    Seattle's 3rd Sack allowed ... Lynch very poor block on Jo Lonn Dunbar who came on a delayed blitz.

    2nd Quarter ...

    Giacomini flagged for False start (obviously getting a bit jumpy there due to the pressure from this DL).

    Seattle's 4th Sack allowed ... Okung gets beaten by Robert Quinn on a speed rush around the end (don't see that very often, but Quinn is a VERY good pass rusher).

    Lynch gets blown up in the backfield for a 4 yard loss (looks like as the result of Giacomini getting blown up by William Hayes -- again, excellent DE who can really pursue and had 7 TFL's coming in to this game).

    Seattle's 5th Sack allowed -- Sweezy flat out misses a block on Chris Long. Inexperience showing it appears to me on that one.

    On Seattle's Defense ...
    1st Quarter ...
    Danny Amendola beats Marcus Trufant for a 9 yard gain.

    2nd Quarter ...

    Jeremy Lane gets beat by Chris Givens for a 37 yard pass play (just flat out got beat).

    Austin Pettis scores Rams TD on Jeremy Lane ... he's just a step behind and fails to knock the ball away.

    Pettis drops what would have been a huge gain (Trufant again would have been guilty there).

    Just a general note ... Bradford working a lot of the short stuff right in front of the linebackers throughout much of the 2nd Quarter.

    Brandon Gibson hauls in a 21 yard catch (looks like Byron Maxwell's responsibility). Not a good job by Seattle's DL of getting pressure on Bradford. He had a lot of time to work on that play.

    Just a few amateur observations there ... some things the coaching staff will obviously be looking to address this week.
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  • Thanks man I like these! Simple, easy to understand! :)
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  • LOVE IT!
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