So How Did Your Preseason Prediction Fare?

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  • MontanaHawk05 wrote:I'm going to call Sarlacc83 the winner. Got the record right, correctly predicted 12 of the games (who predicted we'd lose to MIA but beat CHI?), and came closest to calling it second in the division.

    It's kind of funny that I was 9-7 in the Aros threads, given my original predictions. If I'd switched around the win and losses to SF, I'd have been right 14 times (and I would have nailed when everything went wrong for Seattle in the SF game, too.) Ah well.
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  • I thought 8-8, 9-7 at best.

    Great improvement this year and Pete and John showed they know what they are doing.
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  • I had 8-8 in my mind, so this has been a great ride to be on.
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  • I was off by five games, obviously.
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  • 1 Sun, Sep 9 @ Arizona Cardinals - W
    2 Sun, Sep 16 vs Dallas Cowboys - W
    3 Mon, Sep 24 vs Green Bay Packers - L (hoping for a W of course)
    4 Sun, Sep 30 @ St. Louis Rams - W
    5 Sun, Oct 7 @ Carolina Panthers - W
    6 Sun, Oct 14 vs New England Patriots - L
    7 Thu, Oct 18 @ San Francisco 49ers - L
    8 Sun, Oct 28 @ Detroit Lions - L (Hoping for W here, but east coast 10am so...could go either way)
    9 Sun, Nov 4 vs Minnesota Vikings - W
    10 Sun, Nov 11 vs New York Jets - W
    11 Bye
    12 Sun, Nov 25 @ Miami Dolphins -W
    13 Sun, Dec 2 @ Chicago Bears - L (Historically we just don't do well playing in Chicago at 10am)
    14 Sun, Dec 9 vs Arizona Cardinals - W
    15 Sun, Dec 16 @ Buffalo Bills - W (Not a 10am game we have a much better chance at winning on the road).
    16 Sun, Dec 23 vs San Francisco 49ers - W
    17 Sun, Dec 30 vs St. Louis Rams - W

    FINAL RECORD: 11-5
    PLACE IN DIVISION: Second claiming the wildcard (Unless we sweep SF for the first place).

    Well I got the record and the division place correct. :mrgreen:

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