Russell Wilson gets the baptism by fire

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Russell Wilson gets the baptism by fire
Sun Dec 30, 2012 11:08 pm
  • First playoff game... On the road. Win or lose, this is a great learning experience for our young team.

    Let's see how Wilson does. I have yet to see him be rattled, and let's hope that trend continues against the Skins. Stay humble.
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  • I won't get cocky and predict a blowout, but I do think that the Rams will give us more trouble than the Redskins will. If RG3 was healthy I'd be very nervous, but he's not, and if Morris is what they're banking on to win like they did tonight, they are in big trouble.
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  • If we can stop Morris, we have to be able to win. I actually think Morris is more crucial than RGIII. RGIII didn't look elusive out there today. The key will be to tackle well and get off the field on 3rd down.
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  • I'm in no way condoning what im about to say but... I was excited to see RG3 get up slowly.... "shrug" the tebow-wannabe-mania is fading with this kid
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  • Morris is good and I don't want to overlook what he's capable of doing... but I think we can stop him.

    Only RB i feel we can't stop EVER... is AP. He shouldn't be on this planet.
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  • The Bigger the Game The Bigger the Kid.

    That's how I feel about Wilson. The Rams game today highlights Wilson's need to win for me. He ran the ball differently today then he has done all year. Lots of folks are simply going to zero in on how dangerous it is for a QB to take the kind of hits he took today when running the ball, but they will miss the will to win that this kid has. The game plan coming into the game met up with a very well prepared Rams defense. In order to win something had to change and I saw that change happen today with Wilson, even to the point of taking hits that he normally avoided.

    From what I heard, the Seahawks were purposeful in not paying attention to what was going on in San Francisco against the Cards, so there was at least a chance the division could be won. Otherwise, I think, the Hawks would have sat starters sometime in the second half because they had no meaningful reason once it was clear San Francisco was going to hold onto the division lead.

    I don't know how far that takes us this year in the playoffs, but I don't expect to lose a single game with Wilson at the helm. I haven't expected to lose from his very first start. This isn't a delusion, because overall I expect every team is most likely going to lose a game(s), but on a game to game basis, I haven't felt like the task ahead is so monumental the Hawks won't win. I felt this way since watching the simulated game the Hawks had in training camp, when that "game" was in the two minute drill, Wilson had the ball and he did everything in that simulation to make sure his part of the practice game ended with his offense scoring. It was a Field Goal, in training camp, even less relevant then a preseason game, but his future as a QB in the NFL was on the line at the time and his performance mattered.
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  • He didn't seem to get rattled today in spite of six sacks and running for his life for much of the game; I'd be shocked if he gets rattled by a playoff game.
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  • I can't wait for Griffin to turn his back to the defense as he drops back then turn and blindly throw the ball over the middle to where Kam will be waiting to blow up the receiver dumb enough to enter that space. That and the quick slant are their go-to plays. Griffin reminds me of Alex Smith. He throws mostly 2-3 yard passes and the receivers do the rest of the work.
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  • RGIII throws a nice long ball is accurate and doesn't make many mistakes, at least he's done that in the games I've seen him in earlier. I would not underestimate the guy.
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