Rams have one of the best defensive lines in the league

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  • Brockers has played well this year and Quinn and Long have the talent to be in the Pro Bowl. They will only be better nnext year but so will our Offensive Line.

    If Carpenter comes back healthy and in shape, then the weak link will be Breno who is coming on strong.
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  • Agreed. Long is a beast.
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  • They gave SF's line trouble twice
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  • But didn't NE score 40+ points on them though? I don't think the Seahawks played sharp today, too many penalties and there was no rhythm. I think they were emotionally drained coming after the 49er game. Too many mental mistakes watching the game live and the time of possession was also an issue.
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  • Fisher is a good coach and that team has a lot of talent and will get more with all the picks from the 'Skins. Put Alex Smith on the Cards and NFC West is gonna be tough top to bottom for a few years.
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  • It will be tough next year. The Rams will be improved. The NFC West will be an ugly Dogfight
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  • Can we sign one of their pass rushers? Don't they have a free agent on that list? We really need some pass rush ... desperately.
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  • Have one of the best lines? I think they have THE best line hands down in the NFL. They are the "new" Giants line of old. Long, Quinn, Hayes, and Brockers are all beasts...
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  • That d line is legit, didn't think the Hawks attacked them properly in the first half, their aggressiveness is their strength and their weakness. I expect more read option in the first half than they ended up running.

    Fisher has that team going in the right direction, which I'm fine with, I love competition.
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  • Their D-Line is great at getting after the QB. they were susceptible to the run though. if they get a Solai type then they will crush opposing offenses.
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  • NE scores 40+ on nearly everyone. Rock, paper, scissors, Seahawks O is rock, Rams D is paper, Patriots O is scissors.
    Rams were damn impressive defensively today. Hats off to Jeff Fisher and their D coordinator.
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  • I was happy with the win, I wasn't happy with almost feeling that 1.) we had triplet ref'n.. I felt that every 1st down the hawks hawks had he had some vendetta to negate.. only because for me that was the only one id see throw a flag against our boys 2.) The rams D wasn't that great I think a lot of nuetral zones weren't called because theres a few times I'd rewind just to see how fast they were jumping the count (this is probably more frustration then anything tbh). I wasn't impressed by the hawks Offense, I feel that they were actually possibly going a little easy knowing what they have ahead. As well as the rams were focused too much on Russ to prevent anything else
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