Starting to look like RG3 vs. Russell Wilson wildcard game

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  • Will ROY be awarded before this game? I could see the team putting the hammer to the Skins if RG3 wins over RW.
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  • I aint sleeping tonight, already fired up! Big key I think initially is getting a nice lead early then wear that brutal D down with a heavy dose of the Read Option & Beast Mode, also stack the box to contain Morris and dare Griffin to beat our secondary with his arm.

    Haven't watched much of Wash this year, but judging off tonight their pass rush was just as bad as ours today and their corners are Deangelo Hall and Josh Wilson (Who actually were somewhat decent tonight though)! Also their tackling was not very impressive, they got troubles bringing down Demarco Murray think they shall have their hands full with the Beast.
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  • Something to consider, this is close to home for Russell Wilson too.
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  • Which Wild Card Game are you most looking forward to?

    The results (thus far) surprize me. Frankly, other than the RW / RG3 angle, I don't find much intrigue in this match-up. Houston may spank Cincy, but I won't be surprized if our win is the most lop-sided of the weekend. I anticipate a laugher. The results below show the nation will be LOL along with us. ;)

    5% Bengals at Texans

    29% Vikings at Packers

    13% Colts at Ravens

    53% Seahawks at Redskins

    (Total votes: 41,386)
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Re: Seahawks @ Redskins next week....
Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:53 pm
  • theENGLISHseahawk wrote:Can we do it?

    Explain how and why...

    I believe the Seahawks can do it. They will have their hands full with Moss and Garcon. Didn't realize Davis was injured. I also think that RGIII will be able to hit the Seahawks on a few deep shots, he has done it all year. It may be an advantage that our base DL is not that fast, should keep them from over-running the options RGIII will be using.

    Experience against Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick could help some with keeping the outside from being exploited. Alfred Morris up the middle looks like it will be a handful. So good weapons on offense for Washington. I think our defense gives up about 24 pts, given this game is in DC.

    So how will the Seahawks win? They will need to have the run game going and I think Baldwin can be effective against the nickel DB though DHall played Dez well, so I don't expect Rice to have a huge day. Tate, Miller and Baldwin along with the RBs out of the backfield will have to get it done. Wilson most likely will not be very effective with any of the option stuff but enough to keep the Skins honest.

    Last year with TJack and Grossman, the game came down to Browner biting on a 3rd and forever. Should be a nice reunion of the pre-game from last year.

    I don't expect to shut down RGIII, it could get crazy. Hope it is a great game.
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