Man, what was I thinking? (not a crow thread)

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  • ..thought whitehurst had a chance.

    ..thought kris durham would amount to something on the field.
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  • I thought Tim Ruskell would be smart enough to NOT let an All-Pro and future HOF guard walk for absolutely nothing.

    I also never thought Max Unger would be worth a crap as an o-lineman in the NFL after his first (not good) season at guard. Thank you Max for your work ethic and thank you Tom Cable for helping this guy become a Pro Bowler at the center position. Love to be wrong when it benefits the team.
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  • I yelled at the TV "pick Bulga you asses" when they drafted Earl Thomas.....

    I was also thrilled when they picked two O-lineman in 2011 that hasn't gone great....
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  • I thought Wilson's rookie learning curve would cost us a playoff run.
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  • Thought Curry was a great pick and would be all pro in a year or two.
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  • I thought the niners would give us a tough game in Seattle. :twisted:
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  • I thought trading Josh Wilson was a mistake.

    Thought we should have never traded away Leonard Weaver.

    I thought we totally should have drafted Favre...ok maybe not that one...
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  • hmmm.... what was that about the cheerleaders? :thirishdrinkers:
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  • One I got right though......I felt then and still feel Rob Sims should've stayed a Seahawk. He'd look pretty damned good at LG right now.
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