My first game at CenturyLink! Advice?

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  • Hawkboi wrote:
    grizbob wrote:Temple Billiards for pre-funk, great food, drinks and some famous .netters are usually there.

    Does "Famous .Netters" mean the "Old Ones".... Gotta Love It! Wish we could be there..... Temple Billiards for sure, and other places up and down the streets around Century Link Field... FX McRory's is another place not far from the stadium, but usually packed.... There is parking on streets and of course in Parking Lot's, but got to be there early, which you should be to Pre-Funk! Enjoy! :thirishdrinkers:

    Here's a run down of who I had the pleasure to meet there, bestfightstory, Riley12, MysterMatt, TechWorlds, pehawk, a couple others who I can't remember their names, sorry guys :34853_tinfoil: and last but definately not least, Aros. :thirishdrinkers:
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  • I always run into Dom... He practically has a chair with his name on it there ;P
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  • Thanks to everyone for the great advice and tips. We'll see where the a.m. takes us, but maybe we'll run into a few of you at Temple.

    Almost too excited to sleep.

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  • Get rip roaring drunk. Then abuse opposing fans.

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Re: My first game at CenturyLink! Advice?
Sun Dec 30, 2012 11:23 am
  • Go to the SW corner on the 100 level walkway and check out the signage that the faithful over there always has for the opposing team as they come out of the tunnel for warm-ups and pre-game.

    It is very entertaining and I will be heading there shortly.
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