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  • Just asked my son for his prediction for the score tomorrow: 42-14, Seahawks; 2 picks - Sherman, Wagner; 1 fumble recovery on a Bradford sack by KJ Wright; no Special Teams big plays. I'm a proud father of an 11 year old who pays attention and knows his team.
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  • I used to live in Milwaukie Or. and would leave by 7 am. Once in Seattle I always park close to the stadium and walk to Peroshki Peroshki next to Pike Place Market, they have awesome pastries and meat filled peroshkis ( a bag full is perfect for the game). A new favorite of the wife and I is to hit the Burger Claim, it's next to the Great Wolf Lodge on the way home. The burgers are ground there from sirloin and chuck roast that hasn't been frozen, all the veggies are fresh, and it fills up with Hawks fans heading home after a win.
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  • I love threads like this as it shows how helpful people can be towards each other and I can definitely appreciate those that are looking forward to getting to a game.

    I have only seen the Seahawks away from home as I have lived half way across the country most of my life but now that I live in Arizona, I plan on making it up once or twice a season when the Seahawks and Sounders are playing a few days apart. I have been to Qwest Field once for a summer Sounders game but I want to double up my fun by seeing both wonderful teams. :0190l:

    I hope you and your family have an awesome time! :th2thumbs:
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  • The family is all geared up. Let's go to the game!
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  • Just got back to Portland, and thought I'd check in.

    We had a great time, and the kids were asking when we are going to go to another Seahawks game!

    Thanks all for the advice, it was very helpful!

    We drove up on Sunday morning, and paid $35 to park in the SafeCo parking garage. That is more than I've ever paid for parking before (with the exception of when I've had a parking ticket here in Portland), but it was nice to have our car so close to the stadium. In the end, that only figured to be slightly more than the Link would have been, and about equal to the Sounder. We could have found parking nearby that would have been cheaper, but it was nice to have the GPS direct us right to the lot.

    We got there early enough to enjoy TD City for a couple of hours beforehand, and took advantage of the 20% off sale on home jerseys (my son got a #3, and I got a #12).

    We bought the kids hot dogs inside TDC before the game, and the wife and I enjoyed the recommended ones across from the events center after the game.

    Our stadium is LOUD!!! None of us wore the earplugs we brought, and we forgot the lozenges in the car, but have no regrets! It was a great time, and the Hawks pulled out a win despite some crap officiating (what's new?)!

    Again, thanks to this community for all the good information regarding the gameday experience.

    Now the wife and I are interested in comparing our stadium perception to what the cameras caught, along with commentary. To the DVR!
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