Yikes - lots of names on injury report

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  • Jiggy wrote:Can Thurmond's contribution to this team be measured in games? Should the correct question be "How many plays has Thurmond been in on?"

    actually he has helped by missing games - allowed Maxwell and Lane to get reps and show they are better than him. He took one or two or twelve for the team.
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  • Just shows you again what a tough, tough, game it was with the ninnirs. Both teams beat up quite a bit after.

    Who will survive it is the question?

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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  • Typical end of the year injury report. Everyone's banged up right now.

    Everyoen is upgrade to probably except Thurmond (shocker !), Giacomini and Hill. Everyone else had a FP and is probable.

    I didn't see Malcom Smith even on the report, which is good since he's backing up Hill. I think he's more than good enough to play against the Rams.

    I highly encourage Pete to run up the score so we can rest some starters !
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