Where Has The Toughness Come From This Year?

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  • The toughness started with Beastquake. Marshawn has shown this team what toughness can bring.
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  • It took the team a year and a half to get the running game going in the direction it has now taken. Our '10 roster had older veterans that were part of Holmgren/Mora's run. If you noticed the team last year, it was the Cowboys game that they started to get the running game going. We soon lost both of our young OL drafted last year and Gallery was on his last leg.

    Last year's Redskins game, our guys wanted to have swagger but they were not yet ready. We picked up a younger MLB, our secondary gained experience and a full offseason helped as well.

    The OL this year has settled in and we have continued to emphasize the run. The young QB has grown over the season and the offense is becoming multi-dimensional. The special teams have rebounded from an off year last year.

    I think the inconsistent QB play from the past few years also affected the entire team because they could not back up their bark with a bite. They are young, fast and strong. Just not making as many mistakes which makes them more effective and confident.

    EDIT: BTW, welcome back Riggo. Good luck against the Cowboys. See you in a week?
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  • From Walter Thurmond?
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  • RiggoReincarnated wrote:Hey guys,

    This is RiggoForever from the 05 and 07 seasons (much to my chagrin that they didn't end differently for us, but oh well).

    Anyway, you look at Pete Carroll's face, and he looks soft. Not like a man who can inspire ferocity at the NFL level. How have the Seahawks gone from a team that looked lost on the final drive in the opener against Arizona, to a team that can put a KILL ORDER on the San Francisco 49ers and execute it to near perfection? Where has the mental toughness grown from this year - who have been the team leaders? I figured Carroll was soon to go back to the college ranks after the first Arizona game - but now he looks like a genius.

    Also, the intensity and loudness at Qwest seemed entirely different for the 49ers game then when you played the Redskins there last season.

    Most importantly, how did you hold Romo and Dallas to 7 pts in your game against them? Lately they've been looking like world-beaters with their comeback tendencies in the 4th quarter.

    You do know why his nose looks like that, right? He sure as heck wasn't born with it that way. And have you looked closely at the ring finger on his right hand?

    Pete is a football player through and through and would still be playing if he could.
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  • They have gone from only giving dageruss a few vanilla plays to now the playbook is wide open and they added new wrinkles that we run incredibly well
    It's everything coming together at once judging by so many different answers to your question
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  • This team is full of underpaid players playing for their next contract. Pete knows that you feed a horse just enough to let it know that it's hungry in order to get it to work.

    Pete also cuts the slackers in a hurry so they know they need to continue working to even have a chance at a next contract.
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  • Followed through from last year I believe.
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  • The talent evaluation coming from PC and Schneider is incredible. PC has put the team together in HIS style, with the vision he had. He wanted a big, fast, physical team that runs the ball down your throats. He has it, and it's paying off. I was 50/50 on the hire, glad I was wrong big time. Pete Carroll is one hell of a football coach.
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