Why I Am Not (too) Worried About This Game

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Why I Am Not (too) Worried About This Game
Fri Dec 28, 2012 12:32 pm
  • Keep in mind I am a strong believer in the saying "Any Given Sunday".

    That being said, of all the games this season. This is the one game I am MOST confident in Seattle winning.

    What do the Rams have to play for? Pride of going somewhat undefeated in the division and the upside of going into next year with a win.

    What is Seattle playing for? The pride of going undefeated at home, the upside of going into THIS years playoffs with consecutive wins. Possibly taking the NFC West and even more so a first round bye should the Vikings win.

    The end result is Seattle has more to lose this weekend then the Rams do. Given the personality of this team, they will not take this lightly! I expect them to come out hitting just as hard, if not HARDER then last weekend.
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  • If so many of these guys have chips on their shoulders, then they're going to be pissed the Rams beat them the first time
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  • I may be setting myself up for a shock but this is the least I've been nervous all year for any game. Not taking anything away from the Rams. Their stock is rising. It's just that there is SO much Tanzania going on right now in that stadium it's bursting at the seams.
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  • I just think we win.
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  • Never underestimate our coldblooded killer of a QB. 3 interceptions in that game. You know Wilson wants to wash that taste out of his mouth.

    I think playing Wilson twice is no bueno. See: Cards, Niners.
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