How do we make the Seahawks become "Canada's" NFL team??

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  • Pretty sure the Bills have already tried this..... Didn't seem to work too well.
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  • VivaEfrenHerrera wrote:My plan for getting Canada more involved in the NFL. (And it's great, which is why it won't happen):

    1. Move Jacksonville Jaguars to Vancouver. (Florida doesn't deserve 3 NFL teams and J-ville in no way merits a franchise.)
    2. Move Jags (now the Griz?) into NFC West.
    3. Boot the useless Cardinals over to the AFC South.

    This would be awesome on so many levels. Nearby rival for the Hawks and 49ers. Less travel for the Hawks. Another team in the Pacific time zone. International appeal. What's not to love?

    I would be so conflicted if this ever happened! I am a diehard Hawks fan and to see my home team in the same division as my Hawks I wouldn't know what the hell to do... If it was the Jags that moved though at least I know it wouldn't be a competitive rivalry for the next decade and I could just go on supporting my Hawks!
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