Vernon Davis says Kam hit him in the head...righhttttttttttt

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  • If it wasn't legal we would have heard something about a fines or something. Its obviously legal as u can see, thanks for the footage. Now i understand what Singletary was doing with his pants down. :192215: He was showing VD how to get in stance then violated him. Made him a stud player but turned him into a bitch. Good hit Kam!!! :bump: Go Win Seahawks!!!!!!!!!!!!12
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  • Of course it was legal. It was a text book example of separating the ball from the receiver.

    The 9'r fan reactions are just fodder to aid in dealing with one serious butt whooping.
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  • It was such an awesome hit that he probably thought he was in europe by the time he picked his head up off the ground.
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  • Runs fast, good hands and a Pu$$y!
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  • He's gotta justify losing the ball and getting leveled (and jumping to catch the ball in his chest completely unnecessarily, exposing him to this big of a hit) somehow. Whatever helps him sleep at night.
    Rams bet status: honored. Bradford still sucks.
    RedAlice is right.
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  • After Vernon was nudged off the playing surface he muttered, "Mommy, I want a nerny"
    Thanks Seahawks for a fantastic season. Get some rest because next year you play 2 more.
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