Vernon Davis says Kam hit him in the head...righhttttttttttt

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  • Just goes to show that you shouldn't play on train tracks.
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  • This tale should be accompanied by that gif of Davis blubbering like the frikin baby that he apparently is (on national TV, no less). Anyone recall what game that was from?

    I thought he was supposed to be some badass. No wonder Singletary sent him to his room (on national TV, no less). Man, I hope we see him and Harbaugh again this year.
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  • Wow, I lost some repect as well. I used to really covet V Davis and wish he was on the Seahawks, I mean come on man, a TE his size that runs a 4.4 forty. It seems he has bought in to Harbaugh's bullshit. He even sounds like him now.
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  • Really? He needs to see the video of that play again, that was TEXTBOOK and CLEAN.

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  • makkapakka wrote:Has he not seen the replay? I'd like hear Vernon give an example of a hard hit that is legal.

    When his vision clears up enough to actually see the video, I'm sure he'll admit he was wrong.
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  • Actually I think it was his teammate that hit him in the head afterwards.
    He didn't realize that the play was over by then.
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  • VD has always been a whiney vagina.
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  • Yakima Hawkster wrote:Funny tweet...

    Dustin Knight‏@DKnight1981
    The fact that Kam didn't get fined proves the hit was legal. Let Davis whine. Call Kam penicillin because he takes out VD!

    Lets see,

    Colin... Check
    Crabs... Check
    VD... Check

    Kam might be penicillin, but you got to wonder what Harbaugh is doing down there in San Francisco
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  • Mandu wrote:Just lost some respect for that dude.

    Yeah,,,,I never had it to lose.....f'n Crybaby.
    Of course he's probably listening to and taking sniveling lessons from Harbaugh
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  • A couple of shots after impact
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  • Considering it was a bang bang play an he was knocked silly and his eyes were crossed I doubt he remembers anything about that play other then it hurt. I would tend to beleive that he has been told by everyone that he was hit in the head if anything. The fact that his head never really impacted the ground in a whiplash motion as well can also be seen in the replay.

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  • Throwdown wrote:Dudes soft

    Yeah VD is soft
    Seahawkx wrote:That's why Seattle doesn't have a championship and never will when we have fans like you jackasses.
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  • He's in denial because he's so humiliated. He would have made himself look a whole lot better if he just manned up and acknowledged that he got his clock cleaned. Happens to the best of them.
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  • Davis will be so scared to play the Hawks if they meet in the playoffs. He is going to hope he never gets open like that again. Clean hit and if I was a family member of Davis I would tell him to just let it go cause he is looking like a baby right now. Guess its true. Players only play like their coach. If their coach complains about everything so will their players. Way to go Harduche!
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  • Throwdown wrote:Dudes soft

    Wrong! Vernon Davis is an animal! (after that hit, he will have a neck like an owl and arms like an alligator)
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  • Scottemojo wrote: (after that hit, he will have a neck like an owl and arms like an alligator)

    LOL! ....and maybe a case of uncontrollable bowel sydrome...
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  • He is clearly not right in the head at the moment, or should I saw wronger then normal :D

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  • I think it's a compliment to KamTrack, VD obviously thinks KamTrack is actually Chuck Norris. How else could he smack him in the head hard enough to cause a concussion yet so fast the high speed camera's couldn't even catch it on film. VD really should be publicly thanking KamTrack for letting him live.
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  • Pussy.

    Man, I love them pics. You can see the water flying off of guys, it's insane. The hit was so clean, you can actually see him wrapping Davis up on the 2nd pic, even though it wasn't totally necessary. Kam has to be the hardest hitting form tackler I've ever seen in the NFL.
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  • Dude carries a man purse. What do you expect?

    (Note, this is not gay bashing. He really does.)
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  • I got in an argument with a niners fan about it on Field Gulls. I ended up making some .gifs to try to prove my point and he still won't back down.

    To me this shows where the contact was made.


    He then said Chancellor hit him with the Crown of his helmet so I made this one.


    He then said some BS about a Kings crown and where that sits is the crown of the helmet so I just gave up.
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  • ^ awesome clips, thanks. There is no way that was anything but a clean, legal, hard hit.
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  • cacksman wrote:^ awesome clips, thanks. There is no way that was anything but a clean, legal, hard hit.

    You're welcome. Yeah I agree, that is exactly how we were taught to hit. Put your shoulder on the ball. He leads with his shoulder and barely hit him with his helmet.
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  • What's amazing is that he can hit a dude that hard and clearly do it totally legal. Thing of beauty... perfection.

    You guys see that play later on where he was afraid to even touch the guy? Can't remember the specifics, but they pointed it out even in replay. It was messed up.
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  • Yeah I remember that as well. He could have drilled the guy and backed way off. It was a pass across the middle if I remember right.
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  • From Aaron Rodgers to Vernon Davis and all pouters in between, they all make excuses as if there's no way the Seahawks succeed on their own merit. It will make it all the more surprising for everyone but US when we start curb-stomping our way through the playoffs.

    Related: I love how OUR team never makes excuses. Never blames each other or the opposition. We take responsibility in victory and in defeat because we are committed to doing it better than its been done before.
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  • If Kam hit him in the head he would have been fined this week.

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  • Go easy on VD guys.. he's a sensitive one... he's an artist and a interior decorator.. we all can't be man beasts like Kam...

    i'm in your corner Vern, it's scarwy out there, i hear ya.
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  • I love where someone posted that Kam's new nickname should be "Penicillin"... cuz penicillin effectively eviscerates VD.
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  • Davis is a hell of a player, but he sounds pretty Vagtastic on this one.
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  • Kam did a number on his head for sure! I think Kam has set up a lemonade stand in there with a lifetime lease! :-)
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  • Sgt. Largent wrote:If Kam hit him in the head he would have been fined this week.


    Not only that, if Kam had hit him in the head, Davis would have been carted off the field.
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  • Holy crap VD got lit up... Those hits are going to become more and more rare in the NFL. And honestly, I'm not wishing any permenant injury on the guy, but damn that would have been worth a 30 yard penalty.
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  • This is one of my favorite top three hit's on the year. "Wham Bam my names Kam"
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  • Proves you don't have to be that smart to play in the NFL.

    There's literally tons of evidence this turd could look at that proves otherwise. He should just go back to crying and getting benched.

    What a bone bag. Glad Kam got to tattoo him. BAM BAM.

    Go Hawks.
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  • Pussy
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  • Sorry Davis, american football isn't a "nancy-boy" sport.
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  • bigtrain21 you a Mike Watt fan?
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  • the team doctors need to re-examine VDs head, I think they missed a few screws...
    GO HAWKS!!!
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  • bestfightstory wrote:bigtrain21 you a Mike Watt fan?

    I haven't heard of him. I googled him and did see that he has a song named Big Train. I got my nickname from playing football when I would run over people. Not meaning that in a bragging way or anything. That is just the honest truth. They nicknamed me Train. So then I am also a baseball fan and started to like Walter Johnson who's nickname was Big Train and combined it with my baseball number and there is how I got my name. I have used it pretty much since I got my first yahoo email address and used it on the ESPN forums back when they didn't suck.
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  • If it wasn't legal we would have heard something about a fines or something. Its obviously legal as u can see, thanks for the footage. Now i understand what Singletary was doing with his pants down. :192215: He was showing VD how to get in stance then violated him. Made him a stud player but turned him into a bitch. Good hit Kam!!! :bump: Go Win Seahawks!!!!!!!!!!!!12
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  • Of course it was legal. It was a text book example of separating the ball from the receiver.

    The 9'r fan reactions are just fodder to aid in dealing with one serious butt whooping.
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  • It was such an awesome hit that he probably thought he was in europe by the time he picked his head up off the ground.
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  • Runs fast, good hands and a Pu$$y!
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  • He's gotta justify losing the ball and getting leveled (and jumping to catch the ball in his chest completely unnecessarily, exposing him to this big of a hit) somehow. Whatever helps him sleep at night.
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  • After Vernon was nudged off the playing surface he muttered, "Mommy, I want a nerny"
    Thanks Seahawks for a fantastic season. Get some rest because next year you play 2 more.
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