So, in the long run, were the PED suspensions actually good?

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  • From a reputation standpoint, no--and I'm not just talking about fan opinion. The league will likely assume, like many others, that all three guys were guilty regardless of what is or isn't true. And they'll look harder at the team going forward. Browner and Guy also lost four games, practices, etc., and paychecks.

    On the other hand, the situation forced us to use depth players in game situations, which was invaluable to their development.

    Overall, I'd prefer not to have had the suspensions occur, but I'm very glad the team was able to mitigate the circumstances.
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  • The accusation probably cost Sherman the pro-bowl, and maybe all-pro honors. Words cannot describe how much that bothers me. He's right up with with Wilson as my favorite Seahawk. I thought he was snubbed last year, so this is salt in the wound.

    We are better off for it. And Sherman has a really huge chip on his shoulder going into the playoffs (and next season). So I guess it turned out very well for us. But honestly, I'd gladly give all of those perks up in a heartbeat if it meant Sherman getting his all-pro. I am an irrational fan.
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  • I find it interesting that so many DB's were tested and found positive over the last couple of months, seems very weighted considering WR's RB's and LB's should be represented in the same amount or at least closer.

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  • best part is marcus trufant is getting replaced, i love you trufant but youve been holding this elite defense back.

    I do hope he returns as a DB coach one of these days though
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  • Yes, for all of the reasons above.

    Browner is also going to be rested and fresh. Now, will he be rusty ? That's the biggest question for me to answer. It's possible he could be facing Dez Bryant next week.
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