Debbie Downer Speculation: Is Gus gone after this season?

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  • Sgt. Largent wrote:Bradley's done a great job, but my guess is he's pretty far down the list of potential coaching candidates for the teams looking to hire.

    Cable is the coach we should be worried about losing.

    That's what I thought too, but I have heard his name on Sirius NFL radio about ten times now, and it is always due to two things: Defensive coaches have always been preferred as head coaches, and look what they are doing up there in Seattle. He is young, energetic, and for some owners the best thing, he will be pretty cheap.

    On Cable, we can only lose him if he gets a HC job, since he is the assistant head coach here right now. Has to be a promotion to leave.
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  • I would be surprised if Cable got another nod at a head coaching gig given some of the issues that happened when he ran the Raiders.

    We all crapped on Bradley in 2009, and then crapped on Bradley in 2010, and whenever the defense doesn't play well its Bradley's fault, whenever it does play well, the credit goes to Carroll.

    Bradley came here on the recommendation of Monte Kiffin, which, in the NFL, still carries a ton of weight(which is why Carroll kept him from the previous staff). I wouldn't be surprised if a team gave Bradley a shot.

    Personally, I'd like Bevell and Bradley and Cable to stay, but I wouldn't consider any of them to be irreplaceable.
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  • Jazzhawk wrote:I know there has been a bit of speculation that he's HC material, but my goodness, what has he really done in the past to show he's ready to run the whole show? I like the guy, but IMHO, at this point in his career, that would be a huge mistake by an owner.


    Why would an owner take a chance on him? What exactly has he done over the past few years to make people think that he's a HC candidate??

    As I see it, not much. He's done well this year but that's about it. Not nearly enough for an owner to give him a fat check and a HC position.
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  • Monte Kiffin is looking for a job in the NFL. If Gus does leave, Kiffin would be a logical choice.
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