Bad injury report today

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Re: Bad injury report today
Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:26 pm
  • I think most of those are cases of:

    Player: "Coach, I don't feel--"
    Coach: "Take a couple days off, no worries."
    "VICTORYYYYYYY!" -Johnny Drama
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Re: Bad injury report today
Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:53 pm
  • T-Sizzle wrote:
    Seahwkgal wrote:
    drdiags wrote:If Thurmond doesn't play this week, which sounds like a strong possibility, his season is done. Browner will take his spot with Thurmond going onto the IR. They could gamble and cut Parker but with Sherman most likely to be suspended there is less room to carry a questionable CB into the playoffs.

    EDIT: I probably would sit Rice anyway. Yes, it would blow if the Cardinals somehow miraculously beat the 9ers and the team wasn't full strength and lost to the Rams, but a bit of weighing the odds has to go on here. Sit Rice for the Rams game.

    If Sherman is suspended, that will be a HUGE blow to the defense. I don't have the confidence of the back ups like many here do. No Sherman in the playoffs, no SB. Sorry everyone, JMO.

    Wow...some people throw the towel in easy.

    No. I just believe that Sherman is that good, is not replaceable and teams will exploit that. I live in reality. This will be a HUGE blow to the defense.
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