Okung named Pro Bowl starting Left Tackle!

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  • Missing_Clink wrote:Thats awesome. That means that a ton of coaches and players voted for him, because he got pretty much nil on the fan vote.

    I was pretty nervous after that first Arizona game, but he really elevated his game after that and has been fantastic ever since. Well deserved.

    :13: He got healthy and his play the rest of the season was Pro Bowl level no doubt. Here's to big Russ staying healthy the remainder of his career.


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  • I don't understand,,,so many of you told me all year how he sucked!

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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  • Way to go Big Russ!
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  • to bad he wont play in it.... Supa bow baby
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  • Congrats to big Russ. A silent assassin. Love that guy, always have and glad folks have decided to leave his ankle and Pec alone this year.
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  • Awesome for him to follow a prowbowler and become one.

    (I voted for Jock-o-Meanie too)
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  • Well deserved. Great season after a rough start.
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  • Okung is obliterating people. way to go Russell.....I LOVE Russells.
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  • So awesome! Congrats big guy!
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  • Congrats O'king. To bad you won't be playing in it. Now go pull an Escalade and you will be like a Walt Jr. Nice to see him pull it together and finish season strong. Go Win Seahawks!!!!!!!!!!!!12
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  • Okey destroys defensive players. He throws them around and laughs and laughs and laughs. All day long. We've got the second leading rusher in the NFL. We can rush on anybody. Weren't the Niners first against the rush? This not by accident. Just watch the huge goddamn holes our oline rips in the defense.
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  • To replace a Hall of Famer with Russell Okung is a sign of a blessed franchise.
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  • Yes! Way to continue the tradition of left tackle domination, Russell O!

    PC & JS hit the first pitch out of the park, eh?
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  • Ayyyy way to go big guy!
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  • First of many en route to Walter status... Let's shoot for Canton.
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  • Congrats Russ, you deserve it. Here's to having many more PB nominations that you can't attend!
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  • Great to see this happen
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  • bestfightstory wrote:To replace a Hall of Famer with Russell Okung is a sign of a blessed franchise.

    Seriously. With all the other news on the day regarding Sherman, this kind of gets lost in the shuffle. Congrats to the man, he's persevered through a lot to get to this point. Everyone wondered if we'd ever see another Walter Jones and while we probably won't, we've gotta love Okung for being Russell Okung. Which is a damn fine player.

    Funny how people ragged on him and Leon Washington and now they're both Pro Bowlers.
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  • Okung and Unger are both very worthy of the recognition. Nice work boys!
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