Brock Huard Pre-Draft Nod for Russell Wilson

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  • SeaTown81 wrote:And conversely, Hugh Millen prior to the draft said "If that guy ever does anything in the NFL, I'll come over there and eat your microphone."

    Why on Earth there are people in this city that listen to Millen when they could be listening to Huard baffles me. This is merely a ridiculously obvious example of what goes on on a daily basis on local sports radio. Brock and Salk is the best show in town if you are looking for Hawk talk.

    This. I can understand why people would be skeptical of Russell Wilson before this season, but Millen saying things like this and calling Wilson a "teacher's pet" for working so hard isn't good analysis: it's the mindless braying of an egotistical jackass who thinks he's God's gift to Seattle radio.

    I also wonder if he's had the guts to man up and eat some crow after his earlier comments. Probably not.
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  • Brock owns. Absolutely love listening to his segments.
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  • I like both Brock and Hugh. I agree that B&S is the best show in town. There was one show in particular where Brock said he studied film at ESPN with the goal of finding three instances where Wilson was limited by his height, and despite that being his mission, he couldn't do it. He came back on the air said he didn't think that height would be a big factor. At some point after that, Mike Salk said he would be okay with taking Russell Wilson with the number 11 overall pick! Now THAT is some foresight.

    I will say this though: hearing Millen talk about how much he likes Wilson now is that much sweeter since he was a complete doubter.

    Because I'm limited to podcasts, I don't know whether Millen has done anything to follow through on his promise to eat a microphone if Wilson did well. I'm expecting some charity event where he will eat the edible parts of a microphone prepared by a chef, or something like that. Has something like that happen?
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