Merry Christmas .NET Brothers and Sisters

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    "...and now they got a bicycle!"
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  • Merry Christmas to all. This place is AWESOME!! :th2thumbs:
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  • Back at cha.

    And thank you Seahawks for obliterating the imposters from the Tee Hee city.

    I was wearing my jersey yesterday and in the Best Buy parking lot a truck driver popped his head out the window and said "Those Seahawks are FILTY" and I said get on this bus and ride on into the Super Bowl !!!!
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  • Merry Christmas SacHawk, and to everyone else that celebrates it here!

    Largent, yesterday I bumped into 2 buddies of mine that I hadn't seen in a while. After a little bit of catching up the first thing they BOTH said was "The Hawks are playing AMAZING! What a team!"

    When people in NYC are talking about how unreal the Seahawks are, you know that everyone has seen the ass-kickings we've delivered before the holiday season and knows that we mean business!
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  • Merry Christmas to you all and your families!
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  • The hawks gave me a great present to share with my freinds and 9er fans
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  • And a Happy New Year to all!!
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  • Merry Christmas everybody! I live in Whiner land and wore my gear out yesterday. Got lot of dirty looks. Thanks Hawks for the gift that keeps on giving!
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  • Merry Christmas my dysfunctional extended family!
    Love ya Les! You're in my thoughts every time I "Check my PM's"
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  • NYCoug wrote:Merry Christmas SacHawk, and to everyone else that celebrates it here!

    My sentiments exactly.
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  • Merry Christmas you crazies!
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  • And a Happy New Year to all!!
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  • Merry Christmas all. Now forget about football and enjoy your families and friends. And for goodness sakes be safe. I have grown use to you guys.
    " Remember the men and women in uniform that have signed that blank check for us."
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  • Merry Christmas to all.

    Go hawks!
    "it'd be a newborn deer" - pehawk
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  • For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
    Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

    -Luke 2: 11,14

    Merry Christmas everyone.
    Please post no anti white rhetoric via "entertainment sports programming network"
    Pride is in the content of your character.
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