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  • My great wife got me an autographed Lynch jersey, my brother got me an autographed Lynch rookie card :) WOO HOO!!!!!
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  • Nada for me, but got the wife a #12 home jersey and she took the tag off and wore it to grandmas.
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  • Got a custom Dangeruss 3 jersey, and A signed framed photo with about 20 seahawks on it.... #6
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  • I got a new Seahawks t-shirt, a box calendar with daily Seahawks trivia, and some blue and green war paint.
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  • I think she got me this to have an extra fist to pump in the air when we score.
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  • The Seahawks beatdown of the 49ers on Sunday Night Football on Harbaugh's birthday was the best Seahawks Christmas gift I could have ever received.

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  • BMW 745I in Wolf Grey 8-)
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  • endzorn wrote:I think she got me this to have an extra fist to pump in the air when we score.

    That's what you think.
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  • Niners getting the crapped kicked out of em, Steelers not eligible for playoffs best gifts ever!!
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  • Didn't really have Hawks gear on my wish, but got a Hawks freezer mug to keep the beverage cold.
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  • Chukarhawk wrote:BMW 745I in Wolf Grey 8-)

    Bummer! ;)
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  • Here's what I got. (Check out the tongues). Pretty damn sweet.


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  • Two Seahawk themed lawn gnomes.
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  • Very cool gifts guys. I asked for a personalized jersey... but didn't get anything Hawk related for the first time I believe in my life (since the team came into existence). It was kind of weird. I didn't get anything football related. My dad used to buy me a new football every year, and my wife continued that tradition after he died, but I didn't get one this year. It was downright strange. But it is just nice that we have a place to stay for Christmas. My mom is awesome to take us in, and it was great that my brother invited us over to watch the game the other day, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten to see it. So I guess my Hawk related gift was a bit early, and it was in the form of a complete domination of the 49ers. I'll take that. :)

    I still think I'd have liked a jersey to go with it though! :)
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  • Personal Jersey in Grey, Home ET Jersey, and a hat. Got a 12 banner in the mail too.

    Just need to get myself a white Sherm, Wag, or Irvin and I'll be set for all of next season!

    Go Hawks.
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  • Long time (early 80's, Krieg, Warner & Largent era) Seahawk fan from Calgary, Canada; first .Net post!

    I got two items today. A current Seahawks mini helmet and this for my man cave: ... -sign.html

    Can I count this as a Christmas gift?

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  • Some kind of neo-priemish beanie, a long sleeve hawks shirt, a short sleeve hawks shirt, a visor, and a sign that says "Seahawks Parking Only: All others will be defeated"

    Pretty good haul considering I already have more then one jersey and multiple other hat's/shirts/socks/ect.
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  • Got a sweet 2-sided t-shirt and an ornament
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  • I got an autographed bobby wagner football in a sealed case and a rookie russell wilson card!!! I love the hawks
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  • Got this nice pic which is going in my living room

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  • Jake Hawks wrote:We all got a 49ers assbeating. best seahawks gift we could get

    Got that, plus 4 Seahawks glasses. Awesome to drink my eggnog in.
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  • wheres all these old school tez jerseyd coming from-Did mitchell n ness finally decide to make some other Seahawks finally? gonna go check their site_
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  • largenutz wrote:wheres all these old school tez jerseyd coming from-Did mitchell n ness finally decide to make some other Seahawks finally? gonna go check their site_

    No idea where the away ones are commin from but both and have home tez jerseys and away and home largent jerseys and also away authentic largent jerseys. There on sale right now to at
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  • #12 Wolf Grey jersey. Stoked! (Told my wife I'm glad I have a jersey to wear during the Super Bowl win this year. She rolled her eyes, but she knows. She knows my Hawks are going to take down the Packers and everyone else.)
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  • I scored a Wilson 3 in Wolf Grey and a autographed by Russell Wilson mini-helmet (Matt 6:33)
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  • I got a solid haul this year. Bought myself a Wilson Home jersey on my way down to watch the Cardinals thrashing which I called a Christmas present to myself:) Wife and kids got me a Seahawks wallet, hat and license plate. i bought my little 2 year old girl a 12th man home jersey and my 6 month old boy a home Lynch jersey. Wife is rocking a Tatupu (need to upgrade soon) so we are all decked out and ready for the playoffs! Go Hawks!!
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  • Fridge-mounted magnetic bottle opener, which I've already gotten plenty of use out of. *burp*
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  • Other than the jerseys I bought for myself, my brother got me a new hat.
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  • My brother in law got me the Wilson volleyball from the movie Castaway.

    It's one of the coolest gifts ever. Just like this one: ... s&var=sbar

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  • I got a new Seahawk lined jacket, a shirt "It's a Seahawk world, your just living in it" ,a Hawknome, an original Seahawks hat from 1976, a Hawks watch, some Seahawk duct-tape..
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  • Got a seahawks hat, a Wilson t-shirt and a ET home jersey
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  • Seahawks hat, Seahawks beach towel, Seahawks hoodie. All of them wrapped in our shade of lime green with Seahawks bows on them, and with our new dark blue color for ribbon. Very tight; I loved the wrapping. Stuff SCREAMED "Go Hawks!"
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  • Seahawks hat, shirt, and a really sweet jacket with room for some Super Bowl patches...
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  • Howie_16 wrote:Long time (early 80's, Krieg, Warner & Largent era) Seahawk fan from Calgary, Canada; first .Net post!

    I got two items today. A current Seahawks mini helmet and this for my man cave: ... -sign.html

    Can I count this as a Christmas gift?


    absolutely counts as a gift..

    Seahawks hoodie and a hat..
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  • I got tickets for the lambs game. Will be my second trip to a game. I am so jacked.
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  • Just purchased a #3 Wilson home jersey, love it. Got to buy it at the stadium prior to the 49'ers game, man what a night that was!
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  • My girlfriend got me a #3 home jersey (the $99 one). Absolutely loving it; hard to come by the new unis here in little Denmark, so she went through the trouble (and the expense!) of ordering it from "over there" :D
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  • I got a Grey 12th Man jersey. Only downside is that my GF saw Russell Wilson at Nordstrom after she had bought it and had it with her, and she chickened out on asking him to sign it!

    (not really a problem - I'm glad she did not bother him)
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  • Hawks backpack. It's awesome. Alternate Wilson jersey.
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  • Got this sweet beer coozy, plus a Seahawks 2013 calendar.

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  • Richard Sherman for the playoffs. Just arrived today. :th2thumbs:
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