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  • Got a seahawks hat, a Wilson t-shirt and a ET home jersey
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  • Seahawks hat, Seahawks beach towel, Seahawks hoodie. All of them wrapped in our shade of lime green with Seahawks bows on them, and with our new dark blue color for ribbon. Very tight; I loved the wrapping. Stuff SCREAMED "Go Hawks!"
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  • Seahawks hat, shirt, and a really sweet jacket with room for some Super Bowl patches...
    "I want it! I hate losing!"
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  • Howie_16 wrote:Long time (early 80's, Krieg, Warner & Largent era) Seahawk fan from Calgary, Canada; first .Net post!

    I got two items today. A current Seahawks mini helmet and this for my man cave: ... -sign.html

    Can I count this as a Christmas gift?


    absolutely counts as a gift..

    Seahawks hoodie and a hat..
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  • I got tickets for the lambs game. Will be my second trip to a game. I am so jacked.
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  • Just purchased a #3 Wilson home jersey, love it. Got to buy it at the stadium prior to the 49'ers game, man what a night that was!
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  • My girlfriend got me a #3 home jersey (the $99 one). Absolutely loving it; hard to come by the new unis here in little Denmark, so she went through the trouble (and the expense!) of ordering it from "over there" :D
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  • I got a Grey 12th Man jersey. Only downside is that my GF saw Russell Wilson at Nordstrom after she had bought it and had it with her, and she chickened out on asking him to sign it!

    (not really a problem - I'm glad she did not bother him)
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  • Hawks backpack. It's awesome. Alternate Wilson jersey.
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  • Got this sweet beer coozy, plus a Seahawks 2013 calendar.

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  • Richard Sherman for the playoffs. Just arrived today. :th2thumbs:
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