So did anyone get any good Seahawk gear for Christmas?

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  • Russell Wilson jersey for this man (home). Got a shirt as well
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  • wait I thought I was supposed to open the stuff tommorow?
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  • I got a Lynch jersey. The bright green splashes are a little outside what I'd normally wear, but it will suit me well at sports bars, games, and I even wore it to work on Friday for "Colts Blue Friday." (I'll let someone tell me that the casual blue I'm wearing isn't acceptable due to not being the right team if they want; until then I'm wearing Seahawk blue.)
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  • KitsapHawk wrote:wait I thought I was supposed to open the stuff tommorow?

    Eh were a Christmas eve kind of family :D
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  • Let ya know tomorrow! :0190l:
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  • Got a sweet picture of Centurlink during the Cowboys game to hang on my office wall; sweet beanie/winter hat; my sig o found Seahawks ribbon at Joann's Fabrics and we wrapped my son's hockey stick all out in it - pretty cool looking stuff. Also got a freezer beer mug and a helmet bank. I'm pretty geared up.
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  • Mother-in-law got me an authentic 12 jersey I sported yesterday for the first time. Love the look!
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  • Won't know until tomorrow
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  • My two boys did. They got a Wilson jersey and Thomas jersey, respectively. They also got a football a piece...
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  • My wife got me an authentic #32 Jeron Johnson.

    Johnson is my last name, and I have not had the opportunity to buy a "Johnson" Seahawks jersey since Norm.
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  • Got to go to the game, so now my jersey is soaked with 100% genuine Seattle rain. That's gear.
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  • New Era Seahawk cap. Must say I look pretty pimp in it.
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  • Authentic Sidney Rice jersey, swaggaaa
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  • 1 shirt hoping for wilson jersey tomorrow.
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  • Sherman!!!!
    Week 1 of the preseason vs. The Tennessee Titans, I said the Seahawks were winning the superbowl...

    "Oh and by the way, Go Hawks!!!" Russel Wilson
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  • #12 replica home jersey. First new one in 10 years...
    "Anybody can be a Seahawks fan in Seattle. Try being one in Pittsburgh!" PROUDLY REPRESENTING SINCE 1976.
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  • Dont know what Santa has for me yet, but I tried to buy my two sons Seahawk replica jersies a couple of days ago. The only jersies left were for starters were Rice, Bruce Irvin and offensive linemen. None of the stores in Alderwood or BSQM had Lynch or Wilson jersies left, didnt matter what size. My kids and wife will be sporting 12th Fan stitched jersies on Christmas day.
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  • Zebulon Dak wrote:Got to go to the game, so now my jersey is soaked with 100% genuine Seattle rain. That's gear.

    tanzania rain! haven't washed my lynch grey since the jets game
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  • New hat. But it's too big. :(
    Have to send it back.
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  • Got a kick-ass grill spatula that has a Seahawk Logo branding iron capability (heat it up and sear a logo in your meet) AND a bottle opener on the butt... almost describes the perfect woman, too.
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  • Seahawks sweater, rams tickets, and a wine decanter set. Given the wine set isn't seahawks related per say, but I will feel much classier drinking for the playoffs.
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  • My first ever home jersey..... #3, just love that kid, in a manly way of course.
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  • Authentic Wilson jersey for my birthday! Getting past the fact that I'm a 40 year old white man who is 6'7" and a fat blob wearing the jersey of a 5'11" athletic black kid, I'm STOKED!

    And there will undoubtedly be more for Xmas. What a great wife I've got! :179417:
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