My declaration to Facebook.

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My declaration to Facebook.
Wed Dec 26, 2012 12:39 pm
  • I posted this fun little bit of entertainment to facebook. Thought I'd share with you some of the fun tidbits I've learned through this wonderful site.. Most of you, if not all of you know these things, but to put it all into one fun filled text box made me smile... so I submitted it.:

    So this is the question I pose to you. Everyone says "The Seahawks can't win on the road" "They are only good at home" "They can't beat anyone with a winning record."

    So they didn't beat NE(H), GB(H), SF(H), CHI(A), CAR(A), BUF(A) etc?

    Ok ok, so the Green Bay game is "controversial" but it goes both ways. If GB isn't GIFTED 10 points, we don't see the same ending. Including ALL away losses... the Seahawks have lost by less points combined than SF lost by in 1 game... to the Seahawks. Green Bay lost by more points than Seattle has lost ALL season long, to the NY Giants.

    Chicago was a top 3 team when it faced the Seattle Seahawks at home. They boasted a #1 Defense statistically, and a dynamic hard hitting offense. They "Should" have lost in regulation, but (secretly, I think Russell wanted to beat them twice in a single game... just to show up Chuck Norris). In that game, two of Chicago's defensive stars were sidelined, causing a downward spiraling effect of their season.

    The Seahawks have won 6 of their last 7 games, losing a winning effort to a rookie QB on the road in Miami. This was their last loss, and the 2nd to last game that Rookie phenom Russell Wilson was limited by his playbook and coaches. The last game, in that particular case, was @ CHI.

    Only once, in the history of the NFL has a team won by a total of 150 points or more in 3 games. Which was the 1950 Rams. People claimed, before this last sunday, that it was to a couple creampuffs.. Well.. What about them #1 ranked 49ers? Best defense in the NFL? They could have, had they wanted to, layed another 50burger sunday night, but chose to take the "sportsmanship" path and not further their upward trend.

    Another fun fact? The Seahawks are ranked in DVOA as follows:

    2012: #1 overall Weighted: #1 overall

    In the history of the NFL?

    #5 overall Weighted: #2 overall

    That is correct, this team, per a stat compilation of all meaningful statistics that determine a teams ability to have both positive results, while creating negative results for their opposition, says the Seahawks are #1 this year, and the 2nd best in NFL history (weighed against the strength of their opponents)

    So I pose to you this question:

    Who's the best team now?
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