Who are you worried about most in the playoffs.

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Who is our toughest matchup

@Green Bay
@San Francisco
@Washington (I'm counting the Giants & Cowboys out)
Total votes : 81

  • Assuming we get the fifth seed.
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  • FudgePackers
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  • Packers, no doubt. I'd love our chances against any of the other teams.
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  • I think people have discounted Atlanta too quickly because of their recent playoff woes. That team is DANGEROUS and has a defense now.
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  • In all honesty, nobody. We are the hottest team entering the playoffs.. If I recall correctly hasn't that team won the SB the last 2 years?
    I believe we can now contend with and conquer any team in this league. Not that we don't have a tough road ahead, but this team has proved it can beat the best.
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  • The Refs.
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  • The Packers, because you know Goodell's Goons will be "highly encouraged" to favor them over the Seahawks to appease their fans.
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  • Green Bay because of the weather, also i believe Green bay uses grass, our defense is based off speed which is negated by grass, if we can play in a turf field i feel we can win anywhere.

    Miami and Chicago use grass fields and those games wernt pretty (as far as our defensive line is considered)
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  • Doomcarver wrote:The Refs.

    Yep. Look how many flags came out when Kam laid VD out LEGALLY. Silly, so quick to pull the flag out.

    If my memory serves me right, this IS still football right?
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  • I'm not really scared of one more than the other. Every team we face is going to be tough, but we are equipped to beat them.

    The only thing that bothers me about the Pack is their home-field advantage and Aaron Rodgers...
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  • Packers due to the fact they are extremely good and the refs might be looking to make things right.

    However I'd be happy if we do play cause there is no team I want to beat more then Green Bay since we beat down on SF.
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  • Packers without a doubt. Aaron Rodgers when playing his best can beat any team in the league with ease. His game against the Texans was a thing of beauty and at that time I think they were the #1 rated defense. With that said, we can put up points on their D as well. If we can keep Sherm for the playoffs, get Browner back, and get WTIII healthy, I like our chances against any team.
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  • Green Bay don't really scare me because they don't have a running game, and their WR's are getting banged up. Oh and GB Deffence is not that good also

    Falcons have a good passing game but their run game is bad. Their D is pretty good.

    Washington not really...

    49ers, Yes because its @ their home and it would feel like a divisional game with them.

    So 49ers and Falcons.
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  • Bill Leavy.
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  • I picked Packers. Weather, grass, and maybe the road can possibly case us problems. I do like how we are on a 4 game win streak with the Rams next and getting hot at the right time. If we can keep this up i think we will run the table. Confidence will help on the road.
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  • Packers just because you know Rodgers and McCarthy will be extra motivated to beat us because of that Monday Night game. Would rather not play a team that has just that little bit of extra motivation to beat us.
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  • SeatownJay wrote:The Packers, because you know Goodell's Goons will be "highly encouraged" to favor them over the Seahawks to appease their fans.


    However, even then, GB relies on 3 main receivers (in Finley, Cobb, and James Jones) who have hands of stone. And their sudden running game is predicated on a retread in Ryan Grant. Their defense also won't be able to stop us this time around, so really, I'm not scared of any team in the NFC. They all have exploitable weaknesses.
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  • Packers is what I picked. They are damn hot right now too with experience to boot. Washington is also very hot. We aren't the only hot team unfortunately. Something's gotta give but I am just glad we are one of the hottest teams too.
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  • It was tough choosing between Ninners and Pukers. Either way the Pukers probably won't be looking forward to playing us after they face the Ninners. Given that Ninners are 3rd seed and win their first round against Vikings then they will have the first shot at taking out the Pukers. Atlanta is good but it's likely a Hawks vs Ninners NFC ship.
    Russ Willstrong
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  • Im not worried about any of those teams. We beat half of them, the others we didn't play.
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  • I think now we can compete and win with any NFC team, yeah things always happen but I don't think this team takes any team lightly anymore after Miami and Detroit. AFC I think the Broncos are the baddest team next to our Seahawks. They beleive now which is dangerous.
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