Congrats from St Louis!

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Re: Congrats from St Louis!
Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:06 am
  • candyman4881 wrote:Congrats to you all on the big victory last night over the Whiners. I thoroughly enjoyed the pounding you gave them, and the look on Harbaugh's face in the 4th quarter was priceless. Looking forward to this week and good luck (although I doubt you will need it against the Rams, we are on the way up but we arent playoff caliber yet)

    I second this.

    Nice game Sunday. After the Rams win against Tampa, then watching you beat down SF, made for a very nice Sunday.

    I will add. I live in San Diego. I am an LA Rams fan. All my Charger fan friends kept saying to me by text or tweet or facebook.... your Rams play THEM next week!! Your going to get killed!

    So you made a damn good impression to the nation of football watchers overall. Hey, if you caught the San Diego fan's attention, that is something. They don't seem to pay much attention to anything.

    I have my opinions about this Sunday, but this is the Congrats thread. So, Congrats from a non St. Louis Rams fan!
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