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  • The local guys here on ESPN 94.3 in DC do a Monday Morning Quarterback show that recaps the Redskins game from the previous Sunday and this morning they were raving about their latest win of course....but they stopped for a minute and stated flat out that the best team in the NFL right now is the Seattle Seahawks, and they're the team that nobody (including them) want to face in the playoffs. Talked about how we're the most complete team and even put Wilson over RG3 in terms of what has been accomplished so far. I know a lot of you could give a rip as to what anyone else in the media thinks, but I found this really interesting, as the guy (Kevin Sheehan) isn't one to hand out praise to anyone lightly (even to the Redskins). Just another cherry on the top of the sundae that was the beatdown the Hawks handed out last night.
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  • The only reason they got mentioned here in Pittsburgh was because RWs OC at Wisconsin, Paul Chryst, is now the head coach at the University of Pittsburgh, and Chryst's name was being bandied about for the UW job.

    I'm going to have so much fun here over the next two weeks representing loud and proud and asking the yinzers what they think of the Stillers playoff chances...
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