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  • Their secondary did a hell of a lot better than "F"; they kept Wilson from making throws quite a few times and they contested one-on-one throws as good as you could ask for.
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  • bmorepunk wrote:Their secondary did a hell of a lot better than "F"; they kept Wilson from making throws quite a few times and they contested one-on-one throws as good as you could ask for.

    Their secondary gave up 4 TDs... And the Seahawks converted 92% of their 3rd downs.
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  • Both big hits were totally Kap's fault. For the first time ever, he put a little too much air under the pass to Vernon and got him killed and the fake pump then pass to the flat is a no-no... often it will be picked but there's no time for the WR to do anything with the ball if you pump then pass...
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  • I don't like this - it's basically suggesting that the 49ers beat themselves, when we know better than the Hawks just made them LOOK that bad.

    And I agree, their secondary was playing lights out, Wilson had more time to throw than I can remember in any other game this season (most of the time - he did have to evade would be tacklers several times, but even when he got open again to look for the pass there was still nowhere for Russell to go most of the time).

    As for Wilson's 4 TD passes, there was nothing the secondary could do about them, the pass to the corner of the endzone, the fantastic play design for Lynch's reception, the rocket pass in the middle that Culliver couldn't have got near (hell even our receiver had to reach out for it), those were just good plays from the O, not bad ones from the D

    Hell I was arguably more impressed with their secondary than ours as we allowed a lot of big plays after chasing Kaepernick from the pocket (where he's supposed to be at his weakest)
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  • hawker84 wrote:not sure if the hit on manningham was clean or not, couldn't see him until he was diving into the picture.. but if it was intentional that was bush league , i don't like seeing that shit.. it's one thing to blast the hell out of someone like kam, but to go after knees and potentially end someones year or worse is low. hope it wasn't intentional, hope he was just trying to dive a wrap up his ankles.

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