Kam gets support for his hit from unlikely source

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  • HawkWow wrote:
    HawkAroundTheClock wrote:Davis got concussed because he got leveled by a frikkin Mack truck. Either whiplash or his landing on the ground, but Kam never touched the helmet, not even secondary contact. Vernon simply got TRUCKED!

    LOL...well Kam is Mack spelled backwards...I mean, kinda'. ;)

    genuine LOL. I did not even realize that. Too funny.
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  • HawkWow wrote:"but Refs are told to throw the flag every time if there is a question".

    after the flag on the late hit by the niners someone says, see that was a bogus flag that went Seattle's way. niners fan obviously...

    I said no that was a good call, momentum was stopped and the whistle had blown..

    so he goes on to repeat what Collinsworth had said about not being able to hear the whistle, as if anyone else knows what he did or did not hear.. :?

    so I had to tell him thats player responsibility, because if not hearing the whistle was an excusable reason no one would ever hear a whistle..

    I don't think he got it?
    GO HAWKS!!!
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  • FWIW, all 4 guys on the 49ers post game show on CSN Bay Area agreed it was clean as well.
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  • It shouldn't matter whether he heard the whistle or not. The first defender had literally picked Doug up and was about to toss him to the ground. Doug was completely off the ground and in the hold of that defender. He was not going anywhere when the second defender decided to hit him. And Doug had no way of avoiding that second hit, which pretty much is the definition of defenseless receiver.
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  • JSeahawks wrote:Nice that Cam's getting some love from his future teammate.

    Him and Larry Fitzgerald.
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  • "Klean Hit Kam"??
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