So what if the 49ers win the division.

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So what if the 49ers win the division.
Sun Dec 23, 2012 10:14 pm
  • I could care less, because Russell Wilson, Marshawn, Sid, Baldwin, Sherm, Okung and the rest just showed them.... that it is the last time they'll win it for a long time. The NFC West is now OUR domain. Enjoy your hollow division victory, if you can even pull it off. Everybody and their dog knows that we are better than you. 150 points in 3 games? That's downright disgusting, and for those of you in NorCal, let me break this down. We are ending the season scoring 50 points a game, and could have easily put 50 up on you tonight if you didn't go into run out the clock mode to prevent us from getting the ball back. What a hilarious sight that was. Harbaugh fretting over us getting it back and trying to burn clock and calling as many runs as he can. Hilarious. 150 points in 3 games.... That's more than we had in 1992 for the entirety of a season. This team is so good it's freaking scary. As long as nobody pulls a Shawn Kemp then we are building a dynasty, and your coach looks like a real dipwad. Arguing after your player holds a man to get a flying headbutt off the ropes and then another man bodyslams him on the head?! How can you argue that call Harbarf? Moron.

    And let me end with this. Vernon Davis got lit the F up and it was 100% clean. I think the NFL should issue a fine to the ref for calling it and to Colin Kaepernick for hanging his guy out to dry like that. Clean hit. And out he goes. KAM IS MANNNNNNN. MAKER MY WORDS! NFL should distribute that hit to every ref and every team and say, "This is exactly what we want. Form tackling, controlled aggression, and hard hits within the rules." If he gets fined, I will send Kam a check to help cover the cost.
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Re: So what if the 49ers win the division.
Sun Dec 23, 2012 10:22 pm
  • Without a miracle, my bet with a particular dikhead Niner fan, that we would win the division, is just about officially lost. If I were in his shoes, I'd probably decline payment. Like you said above, it's a hollow victory at best. New sheriff in town. Actually, the old sherriff is back in town, Hahahaha! Go Hawks!
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