Come on all you hawk fans revote in the 2005/2012 poll

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Re: revisionst thinking on the 2005 team
Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:47 pm
  • chris98251 wrote:You started one thread on this and people gave their opinions, why do you need another?

    One last thing

    The fact that we got to the SB in 2005 is not the issue.

    Isn't it the biggest issue and ultimate prize??

    Yes. I LOVE this year's team...but until it makes the SB, 2005 wins by default.
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  • The 2012 team destroys 2005 in terms of pretty much any statistical angle.

    2005 had more wins, that's great. They went to the Superbowl. They were truly a very nice team that season.

    But they played one of the very easiest schedules in the NFL. Even in the postseason, the 2005 team faced a #5, a #6, and a #6 seeds. The 2005 team never even faced a team as imposing as the 2012 Packers, 2012 Patriots, or 2012 Niners. The toughest team they faced was the Giants and they very, very, very nearly lost that game (at home). The 2005 Giants, in 2012 DVOA terms, were basically the equivalent of the present day Chicago Bears. The Bears game was only the 5th toughest game Seattle played this season. For years the Seahawks were a team that was competitive against elite teams but rarely won. This year, the Seahawks are beating great teams as well as any team ever has. And they have yet to lose a game by more than one score. The most they've trailed by all season at any point in a game was 13, a game they won.

    I think people really need to appreciate how special this current team is. This isn't just the best Seahawks team ever, it's one of the very best teams of the last 20 years. Period. If they had jelled just a few weeks sooner, they'd be the undisputed favorite to win it all right now.

    Or to put it another way, the Brady era Patriots are one of the greatest NFL dynasties of all time. This is statistically their 2nd best season ever in those 12 years, the only better season being the infamous 18-1 campaign. The Patriots are having an amazing season. But they are currently ranked behind Seattle in DVOA with one week to go, and remember, Seattle didn't exactly shoot out of the gate either. That plus, you know, 150 points in 3 games while boasting the NFL's #1 defense and maybe even the #1 special teams. Yeah, the Seahawks are kind of good right now. Amazingly good.
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  • OK, I read the entire thread and I still don't know where I'm supposed to vote :? :Dunno: :escape:
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  • Some of us don't feel the need to rank our children, nor express appreciation for one species (dogs) over another (cats).
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  • grizbob wrote:OK, I read the entire thread and I still don't know where I'm supposed to vote :? :Dunno: :escape:

    There is anoher thread where there is voting

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Re: revisionst thinking on the 2005 team
Mon Dec 24, 2012 9:00 am
  • seahawk2k wrote:Demeaning one thing to embolden another. Weak and flawed logic. Why don't we take this season for what it is and leave that season as it is?

    Exactly. Not sure why the OP is so invested in this.

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  • rainger wrote:Man the 2005 team did not score 58 then 50 then 42. Come on man!

    We are regressing, time to panic!
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