Kaepernick is as good or better than Russell Wilson..

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  • Hawk Strap wrote:
    -The Glove- wrote:
    Hawk Strap wrote:Who are you talking to?

    Originally? The BS Noners fans that said Kap was better or on the same level as RW

    Gotcha, Glove. But those limp dicks aren't coming around here for a while

    No doubt Facebook has been flooded all year with Niners fans talking crap all season. Funny how they chose this week to get quiet. And were scared? Lol... And they still haven't commented since
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  • From the little that I've seen of Kap, he looks like a primary read guy. People have to respect Gore, they have to respect the fact that Kap can run well, and he has some really good receivers.

    Also, I think part of the reason he starts for them vs Captain Checkdown (AKA Alex Smith) is the fact that Kap is willing to put the ball out there and let his receiver make a play on the ball.

    Tonight we took Gore away, put a little bit of pressure on Kap, and we must have done a good job on the primary read.

    Long term, I hope Kap is good. I hope Wilson is better, but I want the NFC West to dominate. Rivalries are no fun without worthy advesaries...
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  • kaep's a good QB, but they wouldve had a better shot with smith in the game.. neither would have had a chance tonight, but i think AS would have gave them a better chance.... Kaep had all day to throw, and had a couple good ones., but man he floats the ball out there, gonna get his guys killed with that stuff... he is not on RW's level right now...
    World Champs - Sounds good don't it
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  • I'm giving Bradley a ton of credit tonight. Seemed like the gameplan was to keep defenders in front of Kaepernick and let him throw against our secondary.

    Result? Exposed.

    Kaepernick is obviously at his best when he gets into the open field. He can make nice throws from the pocket, but there was zero consistency as a pocket passer and that's how we limited Kaepernick offensively. Late in the game guys were over-rushing the pocket and Kaepernick was able to step up without linemen in front of him and make throws on the move or tuck and run...that's what he needs to be effective.

    Teams don't have our speed and our secondary (even without Browner, Thurmond, Tru) so this blueprint might not be universal, but we can do it again.
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  • So the "big bad boys" of the NFC now have a QB controversy going into week 17? Nice job Seahawks D!
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